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He is STILL her hero!

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Last night Ginger was hiding inside a large box that was lying on its side in the living room - she likes to stay on the fringe, and peep out at the action.

Max decided to stalk her (he was in QUITE the mood last night, the little bugger,) so he started out by walking around on top of the box to terrorize her, then he got down in front of it in a crouch, swishing his tail, peering in at her, getting ready to attack. Then she growled at him, low and menacing.

That's when it happened: Ferris came bombing in from the other room at the sound of her growl and he boxed Max on the butt, HARD, with his two front paws, claws out. KaPOW!

Max jumped straight up into the air and immediately backed off, and Ferris sat in that one spot until Ginger could safely make her way out of the box - the irritated look on her face was sort of amusing - and then he turned, gave a half-swipe in Max's direction, and then all was back to normal.

Ginger just doesn't appreciate how much that blonde boy of mine loves her. He really, REALLY does. Maybe someday she'll give him a cuddle...who knows!

But yeah...he's still her hero.
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Awww.... that's just fantastic!!!
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Awww, that is to cute! When my RB baby, Marbles, was alive he would terrorize his sister, Snickers. Oreo loves Snickers and when Marbles would get to rough, Oreo would do the exact same thing to Marbles. We would joke she was "spanking" him for what he did. Marbles would always leave Snickers alone after that.
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They have to hold their ground against those mean Bengals! Ferris is such a good boy When will Max learn not to terrorise Ginger?
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
When will Max learn not to terrorise Ginger?
Probably never. It's just too much fun for him.
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This is why I'm a member of the Ferris fan club!

I hope Ginger understands what a great champion she's got...those moggies have to stick together or Max will just take over
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what a sweet story!
<------- Max afterwards

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That is incredible! What a knight.
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Ferris sounds like a wonderful boy - a one-of-a-kind cat!
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