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Question of the Day - March 7th

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to try and get us in more a spring-y frame of mind

What is your favorite spring flower? I love hyacinths
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My favorite is daffodils!! They don't last long though, which is sad....

I also like tulips!
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Hyacinths because they smell gorgeous!
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Crocus & tulips

oh, and triliums (ontario's flower)
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I really like crocus but I guess for me being Canadian spring is definitely here when I start seeing Yellow Dog-Tooth Violets growing wild along the roads.
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No sure if they count but, I love Lilacs.
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Irises & Daffodils
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I love daisies.
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Irises (blue is fav.) and lilacs, because I love the smell.
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Bluebells and daffodils
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I like them all, except for Easter lilies. I can't stand them.
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I love hyacinths and tulips and crocus and.....can I mention forsythia? I know, it is a bush, but here in New England it is always a sign of spring!
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Tulips! I just love them!
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I don't know if it's considered a spring flower or not, but Black Eyed Susan's are my favorites!
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Lilacs. There's nothing like sniffing lilacs on a rainy spring day.
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Jonquils, I simply love the smell of the paper whites
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Tulips!!! I love all the different colors!
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Daisies! Gerbera Daisies are my all time favorite, the pink ones
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Daffs! Nothing like a lovely, big, field of daffodils for me.
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Daisies are my absolutely favorite flowers!

BUT my wedding flowers are going to be my second favorite-Lillies
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Anyone in the Pacific Northwest or plans on being there in April, and you love bulb flowers, you definitely need to visit the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

The huge commercial fiels of tulips and other bulb flowers should not be missed.
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What are the really determined ones that come up in early spring? Is it crocuses? I like the plants' optimism!!!
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My johnny jump ups usually make a early appearance!!
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lilies and tulips!
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I can't wait for the dogwoods to flower!
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Ide have to say crocus & bluebells, and the ones i look forward to the most has to be Snowdrops they are just so pretty.
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hmm...that's a hard one! I would probably have to say tulips because they bloom for so long.
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I love tulips!
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Tulips. They are so pretty.
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