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Tears of the Sun

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For a reality check of the evil in the world and the reason why sometimes war is very necessary, I recommend this movie. Bruce Willis shines in it, and it is based on a true story. It is not for the faint-hearted though, I saw some really young kids in the audience and afterwards wondered what the parents thought after bringing them to see this.
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Thanks for the recommendation Mary Anne. Earl said he's heard a lot of good things about that movie too.
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I will plan to go see it when it comes here. Thanks for the heads up!
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Is this a movie thread? I saw "Bringing Down the House", or whatever it's called, with Steve Martin and Queen Latifah on Friday night. It was "eh". Had some good lines, but I could have waited for it on DVD.
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i'm always looking for a new good movie to watch!
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I saw Bringing Down the House this weekend as well -- but I enjoyed it far more than Deb! Maybe because I especially like both Queen Latifah and Steve Martin outside of this movie.
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I love both of them! Maybe that's why I was a bit disappointed. I guess there was just too much time between really good laughs in this flick.
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I thought it was more touching than funny. The relationship between Queen and the kids, the crush that the other attorney has on Queen, Steve Martin's marriage ... or maybe I just loved the dog William Shakespeare!
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