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I was wondering if anyone here uses Ziwipeak cat food? I got some samples of it recently and the kittens went crazy for it! They liked the food even better than the Ziwipeak treats they'd had!
If anyone here uses the food, do you feed just Ziwipeak all the time or do you rotate foods, or mix foods, or feed it at one meal and something else the rest?
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I feed the canned in rotation with other brands, because Jamie won't eat the same brands/flavors more than once or twice a week. He didn't like the dry variety at all, which surprised me, but will eat the canned, although it has the "wrong texture" (paté).
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I used to feed ZiwiPeak the drymeat and canned, but my cat started getting allergic to it, and it was getting harder to come by.

I really liked it, and so did my cat, I just wish it came in bigger bags and that he could have been on it longer.

I would typically free feed the dry, it comes with a scoop so I would do 1scoop in each dish [I have 2 dishes] then I would give each of the cats half of a can of the wet. As it got harder to come by, I would typically only feed the dry.
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I tried feeding Lucy Belle Venison and Fish. Nope, no luck. The first time she turn up her nose. Thought it's the gravy type .. she absolutely adores licking gravy. I still have two more cans .. Venison Recipe and Lamb Recipe. Will try again some other time.
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