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I got a calico hamster!

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I'm so happy!
I got a calico Syrian hamster today! I have been interested in calicos and torties for a long long time, always wanted one but before now have never seen one in person or found any available in this state... I picked out the friendliest one I could find, and brought her home. Now I just have to figure out how to get my kitten Church to leave the cage alone. He's never seen a hamster before, I haven't owned any in a few years... I guess if he gets too close to the cage he will get a nip on the nose or paw and learn to leave it alone--worked with my last cat and previous hamsters, anyway.

Here is my new pretty little girl (not named yet):

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She is gorgeous!!
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OMG how cute!!! I have never heard of one before I was like what is a calico hamster...I love hamsters they are soo cute!!!
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Technically they call her color Black Tortoiseshell with White, but many people call the ones with white calico instead.

I might name her Satsuki.
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I've never seen those before, that's a really nice color!
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Awww, she's cute!

I used to have hamsters when I was growing up, I swear I had about 5 of them throughout my life, except mine would always escape

I would really love to have another one someday!
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I read years ago that the pattern existed but have never seen one either. Very neat. Good luck on cat security.

Who knows, if I ever have the space to have a room I could keep just a hamster or two in I might even be tempted if I saw one like that.
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She's adorable! My hamster is a calico also.
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How adorable!! I never knew calico hamsters exsisted!
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Oh WOW!!!! she is VERY pretty!!! I have never seen a hamster that color!
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Awww .. what a cutie
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what a pretty little girl!!! Any ideas on a name yet? She's adorable!
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sooo sweet!
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I haven't decided yet on her name. I kinda like Callie, but I also like the names Satsuki or Rin.
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She's adorable
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