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Kitty Love

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OK, here is the deal. Sammie is technically my first kitty. I had one years ago who disappeared. Ever since, I've had dogs, and only dogs.

Sammie arrived at my home at age 3.5 months a year ago. Ever since, I am obsessed with her love. I cannot get my fill of her. I miss her like crazy when I am at work. I come home and cannot wait to cradle her.

She entertains me, I love cuddling with her, I'm a happy kitty Momma.

I've got it bad, right?

I like having it bad!
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Im the same way with my cats. they grow on you quick. they are soooooo lovable
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I don't think its bad at all
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LOL Im like that too. I think about my babies all night when Im at work I even call DH a couple of times before he goes to bed usually at midnight and 3 am to check on them!! When we go on vacation and they cant go I call my friend who housesits for me about 3-5 times a day to check in and make sure they are ok..she even has a carecredit card in her name in under my acct for them incase anything happens when she stays...nothing wrong with having it bad
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A cat's love is different from a dog's love, and both fill a hole in the human soul!
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