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Mammary Gland Cancer - young cat?

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I have an 11 month old calico and I just noticed that the skin around her nipples is blue. I plan to bring her to the vet first thing in the morning, but was wondering if anyone else has come across this before. There's no swelling and the nipples themselves look normal. She's been spayed for about 6 months.

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Well, I'm assuming no one had any idea about this problem since I received no replies. I took Chloe to the vet this morning. He seems to think her sister might be trying to nurse on her. I've NEVER seen the other cat doing that, so I'm not sure if I buy his explanation. I'm worried she may have mammary gland cancer. Has anyone ever seen this in a spayed cat around 1 year old?
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I took Chloe to the vet b/c of what looked like bruising around all of her nipples. The vet seemed to think it was simply b/c her sister was trying to 'nurse' on her. I've never seen them do that. Has anyone experienced a younger spayed cat having mammary gland cancer? I'm worried this might be the problem. I'm also thinking of taking her to another doctor, just to be sure. Any thoughts?
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I can't advise you on the mammary cancer, but may I ask if your cats stomach is white?? Could it possibly be just a blood vein running underneath very white and thin skin? I would think cancer would be rare in one so young, especially if there is no tumor/swelling.
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Chloe is a calico and yes - her belly is all white. I probably wouldn't have been so alarmed, but it's around the base of all of her nipples and just appeared in the last two days. Looks more like bruising.
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The only thing I can think of that would cause bleeding/bruising into the skin like that, other than a fall,accident,etc., would be *maybe* be something wrong with her liver, or some kind of blood disorder. Did you vet do any blood work?? If he didn't, then I'd take her back or find another vet.

I've never seen bruising caused by a cat nursing on another...and I've had a few that did that!
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I'm glad someone else has the same opinion I do! My husband thought I was overreacting, but I know he should have done more than just look at her belly. Unfortunately, the vet I usually see was off today. I'm just going to take Chloe back to see my regular vet.
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Well, it's better safe than sorry! Many that it's just blood veins close to the skin!! Let us know what the vet says!
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Is it possible for you to post a picture of what you're seeing? I'm not saying that we could diagnose anything, but maybe someone else will recognize a similarity they've had with their cat.
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My Cat Stripe had the Borderline Cancer and had a Breast removed. Her symptoms are nothing like what your Cat has. I never seen that in a Cat before so I ca not help you. Stripr did have Cancer cells in the lump she had but everything turned out fine. She died from Cfr 7 years later.
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Thanks for all of your answers! I'll try and post a picture, but she's pretty feisty and I don't know if I can snap it before she realizes what I'm doing. I'll keep you posted.
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Did the vet palpitate the area? Are there lumps or nodules? If not, the cat most likely does not have mammary cancer. If there are lumps I would probably get a second opinion from another vet. Although I have not had a young cat with it, my previous cat did have mammary cancer when she was a senior... She was spayed fairly young but she had at least one litter before we adopted her. She had two surgeries for mammary tumors, but then the cancer spread and we were not able to remove it.
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