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What did you have for dinner??

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I had,left over pototo soup,better day after!
Ted had beef tamales[I hate beef tamales]
Hunter, [my grandson had mac & cheese & a hot dog]
After being up since 3am[waiting for White Cloud to have her baby's]
I was not cooking dinner![mac&chese was easy mac.]
Ted fixed his own!!
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Bill just called in a takeout order. I'm having shrimp and Bill is having chicken wings.
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We're just getting ready for dinner. We'll be having Spaghetti and Meatballs, garlic bread and vegetables.
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I just called and ordered a pizza. For delivery, of course.
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we're having pot roast and a vegetable.
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Frozen pizza....again! i hate to cook.
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Leftover beef and cheese enchiladas.
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Probably Fuddruckers!
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Heating a leftover for Mio. I'm still sick with this throat thing, and it's worse at night, so I'll just drink tea and maybe have a popsicle after awhile. Ah, the culinary adventures here are so exciting!
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I don't know what to have, we never go shopping so our dinners are like a pot roast once a month with the fixings. The rest of the month it's macaroni and cheese and hamburgers.
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YUM!!! Pot Roast...
I havn't had dinner and I am starving. Pot roast is one of my favorites!

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Tamme (or anyone else who, like me, hates to shop for groceries and cook), two things that you can have on hand are:

Take chicken breasts (buy them in a big ol' family pack and split them up into baggies before chucking them in the fridge), brown in big skillet on stove, then add cream of mushroom soup (or cream of whatever you like better), top and let simmer. Can be eaten with rice and/or veggies out of a can.


Again with the chicken breasts (actually, I like to use turkey breasts)... pound them with something heavy, dip them in flour mixed with salt & pepper, cook in skillet. Pull out "gravy in a packet" and prepare (all you need is water). Voila! Instant chicken-fried chicken! (I know that sounds funny, but it's closer to chicken-fried steak the way my grandmother makes it than fried chicken)
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harrythecat, I hope you don't mind, but I just have to ask, what are Fuddruckers? Is it a special California food?
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what are fuddrucks??? I must know!!!
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Domino's Pizza
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Ruddfu...oh wait, that's just what we called it in college! Fuddruckers is this GREAT hamburger place - different sizes of burgers from 1/4 lb up to 1 lb(!), all kinds of toppings from guacamole to chili and bacon. It is SO good!!! They have a condiments and topping bar (lettuce, tomato, pickels, etc.) so you can put whatever you want on the burger, not just get whatever the cook feels like putting on.

We had Skillet Sensations (chicken & veggies) for the first time. We were both really impressed with how good it was, pretty good for you, and so easy to make.

Tamme, another quick easy thing to make for dinner is use pork chops or chicken breast, fry it in a skillet, add a can of cream of...soup (tomato is really good with the pork chops) and a can of water, and dump some instant rice in (enough so all the rice is covered with liquid). Cover and simmer for about 10-15 minutes or until the rice is done. You could add veggies to the mix too. One pan and it's really good!
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Dang, we need to start a quick n' easy food thread for lazy people such as myself! I am NOT a good cook!
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