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Urinalysis One Month after Blockage?

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Hi all! Our cat, Cody, had a complete blockage a little over a month ago. We got him to the hospital in time and, after a short stay, he was fine. The vet did a urinalysis a week later and said there were no crystals, infection, or blood cells, but that he was concerned about the specific gravity and that we should bring him back in a month to have another one. Cody will not go anywhere but the box, so it makes it impossible to get a urine sample without sticking the needle in the bladder to get the urine. Well, I just got home from the vet and he (another vet in the same practice) said that we didn't need to do another one if Cody was doing well and not showing in symptoms. Does this sound right? Do we need to find another vet or just trust the one we have?

Thanks for any input!
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What was the specific gravity?
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after having gone through the exact same thing as poor Cody did, only worse for my poor Dusty, I would recommend still going ahead and doing the urinalysis. Dusty had several blockages and then eventually had to have a p/u surgery (reconstructing him from a boy to a girl) and then he still had problems with cystitis and blood in the urine. He had crystals in his urine only a few weeks ago. We have since put him on Methionine supplement and when we checked his urine specific gravity last week it was back to normal. I would just hate to see what happened to Dusty happen to Cody if it can be avoided. Good luck. As far as vets go, everyone has their own ideas and opinions as to best treat your kitty, but I don't think it is unreasonable of either vet to suggest what they did, but to play it safe I would have the urine done.
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