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Moving Home (long)

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I'm having to move home with my 2 cats in a couple of months, and the prospect is terrifying me. One of my cats is elderly and blind and never leaves my side, but the 3 yr old is boisterous and extremely curious. My main concern is that I am moving from an apartment to a house. I would like the young cat to remain an indoor cat, but I can't keep the windows closed all the time. The garden is small and secure (as secure as it can be for a cat). I have done some research on the internet as to how to make them feel "at home" by leaving my unwashed clothing and familiar food, objects, etc,in the new home, but I am still concerned the youngster may try and explore, and get lost. I will have her microchipped, but frankly how many people deliver a wandering cat to the SPCA for scanning? If anyone has links to more sites I can try or some tips of their own, it will be much appreciated.


PS I work from home, so they will have me there almost 24/7
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And why can't you keep the windows closed at all times?
Also invest in good sturdy screens so that the cat can not escape.
It's not as hard to keep indoor cats, indoors, as some people think.

No, most people do not bring microchipped animals in, if most the population finds an animal and it does not have a collar and tag, or they dont randomly happen to see their tattoo some day, then they would never think to bring them in for microchipping.
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My Harry wants to go outside too, but I'm able to keep him indoors through animal-proof screens (available at most hardware stores), and by strategically placing chairs, stools and other furniture where he can look out of all the windows and doors. That makes him VERY happy -- it's cold for me during the winter, but that's ok

If you do decide to let your cat outside, maybe you can put him on a leash at first and sit outside with him.
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Thanks, I'll have to make screens, they aren't available here in the stores. And I live in Africa so can't keep windows closed, even the furniture dies in summer.

She refuses to set a paw outside the apartment we are currently in, although she sits at the door threatening people and pigeons passing by, so maybe she won't want to venture outside at the house. On trips to the vet she starts whimpering from the time I take her through the front door until we are in the car.
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If you can get some chicken wire, you can make makeshift coverings for the windows and keep the windows open all year round if you must. You can either frame the wire by thin boards and screw the boards into the window, or buy some extra tensile wire, and place screws around the window and twist the chicken wire around the screws using the extra wire. The cats cannot get out of the small gaps of the chicken wire and the air can still circulate around the rooms.
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oh, lol didn't see you were in Africa!

I don't know what material you have there, but there a a few things you could make screens out of, including the chicken wire. Just get creative if you want to keep kitty inside
I've never made a screen so I couldn't tell you exactly how to do it.
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Screens aren't usual here, either, but we have so-called "cat nets" you can buy and secure your windows with. Most of them seem to be made by producers of fishing nets - perhaps you could find some suitable fishing nets?
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