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Roscoe and Peaches

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I can't believe we've only had Roscoe and Peaches for 1.5 months... It seems like they've been with us much longer. They love to sleep up on the bed in our spare bedroom so I keep a camera set up in there on a tripod so I can capture a photo with no preperation... Here are some from this afternoon...

Peaches was curious about the camera so she came in close to inspect it...

Roscoe was a sleepy but woke up after I came in...

They really love each other....

However occasionally Peaches has to remind Roscoe who's boss...

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OMG beautiful babies
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Beautiful pics---Beautiful KITTIES!!
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Beautiful kitties!
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They are so sweet! great pictures, too, I like the 2nd & 4th ones.
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fantastic photos!!!
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they are precious!
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great picture's!

sooo beautiful

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