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Just Spayed

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Hi All,

I have been 'lurking' around this site for some time searching for advice for my kitties and such but today I have a question so thought it was about time to register.

We have 2 beautiful kitties, Killer & Angel and they are 10months old. They had just went into their first heat 2 weeks ago so we made an appointment to get them spayed.

We just got home from the Vet and our kitties are hissing at everything!! They have always been the best of friends..they follow each other around, play together, sleep together, sun bathe together!! Everything.

Since we got home from the Vet, they will not stop hissing at each other. The growl when the other comes near and hiss as if they do not even recognize each other.

Does this sound normal? Was it a bad decision to have them both go in for surgery on the same day?

Please let me know if anyone has ever experienced this.

Thank you so much!!
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VERY normal! they'll be back to their old selves in a day or so.
they're reacting to the strange smells picked up at the vet's, most likely.
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Its normal. Both have that "hospital" smell which upsets them. I'd sprinkle some cornstarch baby powder in their coats and rub it in. That should work for both of them
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We have the problem when one kitty goes to the vet and not the others. What we do is put vanilla (the stuff you bake with) on a paper towel and dab it behind the ears, at the base of the tails, and under the chin on ALL the cats. That seems to work too, though the corn starch seems like a good idea as well.

It shouldn't take more than a day or two and they'll be fine!

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Thank you all!!

We tried the vanilla and baby powder last night but they still seemed to be growling and hissing at each other. It is not as bad this morning.

Thank you for your help as it made us feel so much better to know that it is normal!! I can't wait until they are best friends again!!
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I'll move this to Behavior for you.
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