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What a crazy week!!!($1000 in vet bills)

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Wow its been a crazy week! We had to take one of our rabbits, Foo-Foo, to the vet cause he wasn't eating and was losing alot of weight. The poor thing weighs half as much as he should. Anyways, we took him in and he ended up having to have ex-rays on his mouth, his front teeth needed to be trimmed, he had a few molar spurs that needed to be filed, one of his molar roots is elongated and might abcess, and he needs penicillan injections for rabbit syphilis. So that cost around $900. Then we have to bring in our other rabbit, Screech because its contagious so they want to give her some shots just in case. Thats going to cost about $100 after they're all done. Then today, I had to bring my ball python, Katiana, in to the vet cause she hasn't eaten in 6 months so I was getting a little worried. Turned out it was just a mild respiratory infection, which is easily treatable, so that's really good. They gave her an injection and she's on meds for the next week or so, but she'll be ok in a few weeks. The vet said she should start eating in the next week or so.
So its been one crazy, money spending week. Hopefully thats the last of the vet trips for a little while.
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Wow that's a steep bill! But just the same it is so great that you are willing to take your rabbit and snake into the vet.. a lot of people don't think they're worth doing that for. Many kudos for you!
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I believe any animal has the right to see a vet if its sick, be it a bunny, snake, hamster, anything. Plus, Foo-Foo still has three or so years ahead of him, and the snake still has at least 30 years left to go.
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I never knew this until now, but rabbits often get blockages from hairballs, I was amazed at this.
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Yes, they do. I had a flemish giant once who almost died from one.
Pinapple juice usually gets rid of them since it dissolves the hair.
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Hope alll is well!
I had a bunny some time ago, his name was Fluffy he was beautiful! Always wanted to have a snake
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I used to be terrified of snakes, but I wanted to get over my fear of them, so I bought a ball python. I love he to death now and I don't know what I'd do without her. They are amazing creatures, although she is really mad at me for taking her to the vet. She'll probably be in a ball for a week now.
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