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WalMart now carries Newmen's Own

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Today I was totally shocked. The dept. manager for the pet food kept telling me to check the cat food aisle because there was new stuff out. But I had blew it off because I figured it was just new IAMS or something. Well today when I went to get some new wet food I noticed on the bottom shelf there was some new food. Well I bend over to look at it and its Newmen's Own I did not notice if they had any dry variety of it but I will check next time I am in. But this goes to show if you complain enough to management but the quality of food they might get some better stuff in.

So check your local Wal-Mart.
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Ours started carrying Newman wet dog food around the end of last year. I'll have to look to see if they have the cat variety next time I go.
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I just emailed Newman's to see if there are any plans to start selling the dry types as well.
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It must be some sort of glitch in the wal-mart system, I work there and I know they barely ever carry anything people actually want. I give it a couple weeks , we sell out, and they never put it back in stock. :P
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No I not so sure its a glitch. I have noticed for the past 2 months roughly our Wal-Mart has been trying to carry more natural types of cat food. Granted its IAMS Naturals and a few others of the sort. So maybe they are trying it out to see how it will do. I know we carry a lot of other Newman's Own products and organic products in our store.
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well I dont give it long the Natural life section in the one s I am in has gone from 2.5 ft to a few cans and a bag
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
well I dont give it long the Natural life section in the one s I am in has gone from 2.5 ft to a few cans and a bag
Natural Life is still going strong here (3 years). We have several different types of their canned and several of the dry types. I feed the canned sometimes but I never really cared for the dry.

Newman's Own contacted me this morning they said if dry is not already in the shelf to talk to mang. to get it. Which has worked for me before to get the foods on the shelf I wanted to try within reason. I have never been able to get them to sale TimberWolf but I might have luck with Newman's Own because its now on the shelf (canned).
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Well, it's terribly expensive comapred to everything else & cats/dogs do not generally like it, I'm not so sure it'll be long-lived!

We've got dry & canned in stock now here @ Wal Mart.
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Well actually the new 'trend' is for stores to be carrying better foods. Our Fred Meyer here is now carrying a refridgerated cooked meat in logs, and some meat kibbles in bags. They also carry that "Pet Promise" which really isn't a HORRIBLE food, it's just not amazing.
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Ours carried the dog cans for a little while but they don't have them anymore... so I don't have much hope of them bothering with the cat ones, but I'll definitely look next time I'm there. Not that Chase would eat it.. but I'm trying to find more wets my sister's cat is willing to eat.

Kroger's has the best selection here out of the grocery stores... they have the Brandon Farm cans, both the regular and the new 95% meat ones, the Sheba tins, and a couple of other things that aren't too bad. I keep hoping the others will follow the trend.
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Ping and Pong actually seem to like the canned. I bought 1 can of each type they had and they ate it with no complaints.
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
well I dont give it long the Natural life section in the one s I am in has gone from 2.5 ft to a few cans and a bag
My MIL fed Natural Life to one of her cats, and she said they only carry 24 cans at a time now (1 case).
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The wet food I feed my cats is primarily Natural Life mixed with Natural Balance and Wellness on occasion. My Walmarts here are still carrying a bunch of it, 7-8 flavors fully stocked. The last time I went, I bought 30 cans so I don't have to keep visiting Walmart and remember that hardly made a dent in the supply.
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We went last night and our Walmarts still only has the wet Newman's dog food. They have that Natural Balance for the cats in both wet and dry but it takes up a small section of the shelf. A ton of Iams (of course) and the new natural dry cat foods (can't remember brand off the top of my head). I think it's Purina or someone.
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I was surprised to actually find some of these cans at our Wal-Mart today. They still don't have any of the dog ones anymore. They only had two cases of it. I got two cans to try, but unfortunately neither cat seemed interested. Not surprising from Chase, but I was hoping my sister's cat would eat it. I'll try again with the other can some morning when she's hungrier.
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They have it at my local grocery store too. I didn't check out the ingredients for quality though. And it seemed pretty pricey.
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I took a look at found the Newman's own wet food on the shelf. Actually, two different shelves.

You'd be surprised how much pet food Wal-Mart has back in their storage area. A good portion of that area is dedicated to soda and pet food.
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