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Make me a Supermodel

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Katie and I seem to be on a TV show thread roll right now.

Who else is watching this?

I was sad to see Jackie go. I thought she did well, but got a bad edit on the show. I used to like Perry, but now his attitude has turned me off. I think Frankie or Casey will be going home tonight.
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I haven't seen the show yet. Is it anything like Amercia's Next Top Model?
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You are so right about the edits, they really can make someone look very bad isn't Ben in the bottom 3 again? I think it is his time, especially after the remarks he made to Ronnie and Casey while they were at the ski resort.

Based on her performance and what the judges are saying week after week my pick for the winner is Holly by a long shot
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
I haven't seen the show yet. Is it anything like Amercia's Next Top Model?
this show has male models too and they concentrate more on the catwalk as opposed to pictures like ANTM
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I forgot about Ben's comments. You are right. That's not going to help him at all.
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you know what really surprised me though was how they kinda came down hard on Shannon, i mean the girl was sicker than a dog, give her a break! she still managed to do all that was asked of her
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Who else watches this show?

I was really sad to see Casey go this week, and agreed with Corey that Ben should have been the one. But after the photo shoot and catwalk...well, maybe people see something in Ben that I missed before. But he really did nail it this week.

I didn't like Holly in the beginning, but at this point she's definitely the frontrunner and it's pretty easy to see why. She's just good and very adaptable.

Perry is a jerk, but I did feel bad for him when Tyson showed him the trash mag.

Ronnie is....I don't know. I like Ronnie, but I can see why they say he's sometimes limited by his look. Like this week he did look out of place with Ben and Perry who had more of the chiseled, um...undertaker look. But he really did look good in the goth clothes.

But oh what they could have done with pretty, androgynous Casey with the goth look.
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I have felt the two possible winners were Casey and Holly, and think it was lack of confidence that took Casey out..'cause he had the look, imo.

Holly works hard and I think will be the winner.

Perry, to me, doesn't have a lot of variety in his look, though he has a good look. Ben and Ronnie both seem limited to me, with Perry the most marketable of the 3.

Yes, I watch it
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I'm a super model watcher, I've merged this thread with one Karen started last week

I was surprised to see Casey go, but not sad, I agree with Pat in that his confidence, or lack thereof was bringing him down I thought for sure it would be Ben- I've voted for Ronnie the last 2 weeks cause I really like him- I don't think he'll win, but out of the bottowm ones, I liked him best.

I was surprised at Shannon this week, she really fell flat, but then I've never really liked her

I think Holly is the clear winner at this point
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I voted for Ronnie. In the last couple weeks the editing has really focused on making Shannon a witch. But you really do show your mettle when you're either doing really well (as Shannon and Holly have been - Holly passed, Shannon didn't), or when your back is against the wall (Ben pulled it out this week, and Ronnie has consistently pulled off good weeks after being in the bottom 3).

I have to say, though, that I really like how they run this show. It's still up to the vote, but they decide which ones are the best and worst, and the voting is limited. Much more fair than AI.
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I like how they are handling the show too. I think Nikki is a classy lady, and they handled pulling Perry aside to give him a heads up on the National Inquirer ad with some sensitivity. Poor Perry, I felt awful for him
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I have a love/hate relationship with this show. I don't understand why Ben is still there...I think he doesn't have what it takes, and he's a bit of a jerk too. I agree Holly is the clear frontrunner, but I think I'm alone here in liking Shannon too. I agree with you Heidi, they've edited her "witchy", so they must want her out.

The one thing that makes me nuts is the camera work during the runway...they cut to different cameras so often it makes my eyes spin! We also only get the briefest glance at their photos. If you blink, you'll miss some of them. They spend way too much time showing the models being catty.
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This week is the reunion, which should be interesting. There were a lot of strong personalities!

So who did you vote for? Who do you think will end up winning?
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I voted for Holly!! She should totally win! She's never been in the bottom 3 I wouldn't be sad if Ronnie won though, but I really don't think Ben deserves to win, it took him this long to finally get it right and Perry just is a jerk

As for the reunion, watch out for the claws!! Especially from Shannon I think
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Oh yeah, I'm thinking Shannon will definitely bring the claws.

You know, Perry's a jerk no doubt, but I am actually really impressed with his versatility and willingness to try anything. I mean, what did Holly bring to this elemental photoshoot? Not a whole lot. Perry totally embodied a freak! And thinking back to the bedroom photoshoot, Holly just couldn't work with Frankie because of how she felt about him - not even really on the catwalk. Granted, she got better and was able to make out with Ben for the camera. But Perry and Casey were just plain HOT - and both of them are totally straight!

I really don't think Ben should win either. I don't think Ronnie should win, but he obviously has support, so he could. I really think it will come down between Holly and Perry but both of them have definitely been "discovered".
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I tried to watch it, but I just couldn't get into it-- even though I know one of the contestants (Ronnie.) I was paired with him during the "grand entrance" at my cousin's wedding reception (he's one of my cousin's best friends...)

The only episode I really watched was I think the first one but not sure, and that was mostly because my cousin was in it (for about two seconds.) I think they were letting the people know they had made it in the show or something, and they showed them opening a letter with their families gathered around...when they showed Ronnie's my cousin and her son were there too, so that was the main reason I watched it.
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Ronnie's a doll, and he has a LOT of support. Even the judges said that he will make a LOT of money whether or not he actually wins. And I'll fully admit that I've voted for him more than once!
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I recorded the reunion and have to watch it today. From the promos it looked like Stephanie came with her claws out!
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I haven't watched it yet. What I found ridiculous is how they were so boys vs girls. That was so childish. It could be how it was edited, but it sure seemed like the boys were much cattier about the girls than they were about the boys. That got really annoying.
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I also think that at "that age" (early 20s) you really do see the differences in maturity between the sexes more clearly than at other ages.

(Am I the only who doesn't think Stephanie is pretty at all????)

It was interesting what one of them said, that it was like a totally different show having lived it and then going home to watch it.

I LOVE the Bronnie shirts!
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I only watched half of it before I went to bed, so I have to finish it tonight.

I also don't think Stephanie is very pretty

The Bronnie shirts were great!!
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Finale tonight!
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Can't wait!!!!!
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