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My son's step-mum is Irish - a Dubliner, no less.
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Originally Posted by Catnip View Post
Oh, whereabouts in Donegal do you know? That is where I'm from!
I'm afraid that may be the sum total of what I know. I do know that my ancestors from there had the last name of McGrory, which actually sounds more Scottish than Irish to me, but what do I know? I'm afraid I didn't get to Donegal when I visited. I hear it's beautiful, though!
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I am Irish on my dad's side of the family.
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My grandmother's maiden name is Murphy.
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Giltrap and Hutchinson here from my father's side. They came over in the early 1800s. Not sure where they were from in Ireland. I have stories of them once they were here but nothing on where they lived in Ireland. If anyone has any Giltrap relatives, we're related!
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Black Irish here!

I plan on spending this feast day honoring my Grandmother and Grandfather who passed. I'm going to make her soda bread, and raising a glass to them.
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No Irish here, but I am accused of being Irish on St Patty's day because of my red hair. I have named some of the red haired ferals Irish names: Angus, Patrick, Sean.

I'll celebrate St. Patty's day by making a big pot of corned beef and cabbage with boiled potatoes on the side. DH will drink himself a couple of pints of Guinness.
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I'm half Irish on my mother's side. Plus, I've visited Ireland twice (I've even been to Donegal) and loved every minute of it. I also like to drink Guinness.
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I have alot of Irish in my background, and it's kind of complicated. This is all of my mother's side, my dad's side is all German, Russian, and Polish.

Before one of the early famines (probably around 1810 or so) part of the family came over and settled in Merrickville (they were the first settlers in that area), Richmond, and a few other places in Ontario. The people in Richmond owned an inn where the Duke of Richmond died from a septic fox bite.

My grandmother's family came from Ireland. And my Great Grandfather remembered his grandmother singing in Gaelic.

When we went to Ireland in 2001 we actually found the grave of one of my multiple great grandmother's. It's very hard to find a grave in Ireland because of the famine. But she died before everyone else.

This is only a little bit of family history, we literally have dozens of binders with trees and pictures and letters. I could go on but I won't. I love geneaolgy
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Don`t know much of my family history but I do know my mothers maiden name was McCarthy and her parents (dad was called Patrick-can`t get more Irish than that!) came to Kent during the potato famine or something like that.
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I don't have Irish in my blood. DH's mom is 1/3 Irish and the only part they celebrate. DH's father is either Irish or Scotich. They tried to trace them name and the last time someone said it was a Scotich name. They don't care either way though. They celebrate any holiday regardless of nationality, religion or race.
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I have a speck of Irish but mostly Scottish.
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I've got Irish on both sides of my family. Actually, my great grandfather on my mom's side was 100% Irish, and my great grandmother was 75% Cherokee. . . I think a few other people mentioned that combination. My dad's side has Irish too but I am not sure of how much.
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My husband has Irish on his side of the family. Hmmmmm, I might on my side but I am not sure. I don't think I do but I'm sure I could if I went back far enough!!
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