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acupuncture for feline asthma

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Hello. My 13 yr old female cat has asthma which she has had for a year. She has been getting Steriod shots about once every couple months which seems to work. She doesn't wheeze at all until about 2 months after the shot (not sure if this means she has a mild for of ashtma or this is the case for all cats). When first diagnosed she was prescribed Theodur everyday, but it seems to make her very sick so I stopped that as an option. I've been told that continued use of the steriod shot can cause other problems. The Vet suggested acupuncture or the Aerokat inhaler. I would love some suggestions on either of these. And also wondering if my cat doesn't wheeze for 2 months after the shot - maybe she has a mild form of asthma and doesn't need the acupuncture of the inhaler??? Thank you for you help!
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I have worked with an animal acupuntcurist and she said you can certainly try it but sometimes it stressed them out more and can make the asthma worse. Little Uno has had asthma now for 3 years and we use the Aerokat inhaler. It has gotten to the point where he only needs it on a rare occasion now, where as he used to have atleast 1 attack a month. I would try the Aerokat approach for your kitty, or you may mess around with some other medicines that may be helpful as well.
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Is the Aerokat only used during an attack or used on a regular basis?
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My Vet offered Coco the Inhaler too but I didnt get it. Coco is fine for a while after teh Depo Midrol Shot. Right now her Asthma is acting up some but not enough to go to the Vet yet. Coco is fne in between attacks.
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the Aerokat can be used either way as a daily treatment to avoid attacks OR as a quick fix when an attack does happen, just depends on the type of medicine used in the inhaler. I choose to do the once in a while method with a steroid filled inhaler as opposed to the regular inhaler that does not contain steroids but can be used daily if neccessary.
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