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My 11 month old male, neutered kit is losing his hair. Primarily on lower abdomen, rump, underside of base of tail and around his "privates." It's been so slow and gradual, I hardly noticed. I had him in the vet's for an eye issue on Tuesday and mentioned it and the vet mentioned this diagnosis. We didn't really heavily explore it as he didn't seem too concerned.

This cat definitely does not overgroom. He seems to be a "typical boy" who loves to get messy and doesn't seem too concerned about it. He has no redness, itching, bumps, sores, crusts or anything other than thinning hair. I've had him since he was 6 mos old and he definitely had more hair then (looking at pictures).

Treatments for Feline Acquired Symmetrical Alopecia are slim to none, and the treatments that are available are not without their side effects. Most vet manuals say it's simply a cosmetic problem, and does no harm. HOWEVER, as always, I want to find a safe "fix" for the issue.

I'm thinking it "could" be diet related. When I got him, I started him on Chicken Soup but for the last 3 mos or so, he's eaten Nutro Natural. I'm thinking about switching back to Chicken Soup. Any other suggestions. Can anyone suggest any supplements (was thinking fish oils) that I could try? Any other commentary?