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Do you?

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Do you kiss your cat?
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Absolutely--and they always kiss me back
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Every morning-right on the nose!
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Yep, definitely!
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of course! He's an affection whore and loves kisses.

I often say Buster is the man in my life.

And my boyfriend us the second
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Haha, the Mr. and I were just wondering about this last night! Every time Gus comes by us he stops to give us each a quick kiss on the lips. When we first got him, we started it by puckering up and saying "Gus, kissies" and now he just does it on his own.
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Yep, on the top of their heads and on their cute little noses.
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Yes another nosey kisser
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: Yes, all the time. He is just way too kissable.
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Yes! Top of the head for me.
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I kiss Riley on the head and on the mouth! He doesn't really kiss back though, except an occasional lick on the nose.
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just wondering,i do to on top of her head,she loves it.
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Of course. Doesn't everyone?
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All the time.
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Yep, right on the top of their heads!
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Absolutely! She even comes for head kisses. Some mornings she cannot get enough of them!
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I do, I do! And she knows how to give Kissey too when asked. I'll call her and say *Lucy Belle ... Kissey For Mommy* and she'll run after me and plant me a wet one on my nose.
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On the top of the head or on the cheeks, sometimes Oliver seems to get tired of it but endures it as if to say "oh mom, stop it "

As for who is my #1 guy around here--my DH hates it when I refer to Oliver as the alpha male in the house but deep down he does know it's true
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Yep...all the time. Mostly on top of the head. Forrest likes nose to nose kisses with me.

I love to hug them too!
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right on the cheeks! kitten kisses are the best!
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Yes, mine were on to of the head.
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Not if I wish to get my face mauled
I ask Kisa for a kiss and we bump noses on her terms.
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I kiss my cats all the time. On the top of thier heads. Or on thier cheeks. Saffie especially likes that. I have to do it over and over and get a mouth full of fur lol And i give them a little peck on the lips now and then. We call a cat rubbing its face on yours. (Pussy cat kisses) and we call purrring (Pussy cat songs)
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well, of course! they're so cute & sweet, how could i not?
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When Sadie was alive, all the time....she would meow back if I didn't give her one back right away~
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i think a better title for this thread would've been, "where do you kiss your kitties?"
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i kiss cookie sometimes
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Oh yes....alll the time
i kiss all cats i see lol i cant help myself i love em all and want them all
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Kind of--we touch noses!
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