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I did a terrible thing to Ox last night

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Last night when I was petting Ox I patted a large mat of hair on his chest.
He is pretty scrawny under all that fur and doesn't really like to be brushed.
So I tried to "pull" the mat off which wasn't working so like I have countless times before I cut it off which a sharp pointed scissors (no lectures please)

Anyhow I looked at the mat and wondered what that funny thing on the end was. Couldn't figure it out. Hoping it wasn't his skin I touched the area-no blood (whew!!)

This morning when I was on the sofa reading the newspaper he jumped to his normal spot on the top and I looked at the area I removed the mat and there is a good sized spot (at least the size of a quarter missing!!!)

I feel terrible that I did this and he didn't even complain. So what should I do-do I clean it with water, antibiotic ointment etc.....
Since we are leaving in 8 eight days for vacation I would like to make sure I don't have any problems with that area.

He is acting just fine thankfully but any advice would be great. If I cut mats off I will be alot more careful in the future or let him pull them off himself. He is long haired but with his age he doesn't have alot of extra body fat and I think brushing doesn't feel to good because of that.
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oh dear! What a little trooper! I'd put a little neosporin on it and keep on eye on him, I'm sure it will heal rrather quickly. Don't feel too bad, I've nicked my dog when I've cut a mat off of him before
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He had been through alot in his almost 19 years and this doesn't seem to faze him!!

Will be try to lick the neosporin off?? I'n not sure he can really reach that area anyhow!!
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he might try, but if he can't reach it it should be ok, just put a real thin film on it
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Aww matts are awful things to get out I have been trying to get one out of my ragdolls chest for ages, I gave up and took her to the vets today and within 5 miniutes they had it shaved off, they only charged me £10.00, but I to am guilty of snipping.
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I'd keep it clean and put some triple antibiotic ointment on it. I've had to use neosporin on one of my past kitties at the vet's direction and they weren't concerned with the cat licking it off.

Also in the future. I wouldn't use scissors to cut out mats. (I'm not lecturing but want to make a suggestion.) Cutting that thin layer of skin can introduce infection that can turn into something fatal. I don't want to scare you or anything. Keep in mind I am only concerned and just want to be helpful! Especially the belly area there is a lot more loose skin and it's difficult, at best, to tell where the fur ends and the skin starts. Try using a seam ripper. Hold the mat with your fingers and pick apart at the mats a little at a time with the seam ripper. It works very well and is safer then scissors. I would also try to catch the mats sooner. If you are leaving for vacation soon, I would have whoever is watching your cat keep the area clean and put the neosporin on it daily until it is healed.
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Thanks for the seam ripper tip!!
I've cut many mat off Ox in the past and what I should have done is got up off the sofa and re-positioned myself for a better angle as that was prat of my problem.
The area looks good this morning and I gave him a treat last night which he enjoyed!!
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He'll lick the ointment off, but as long as it stays on for a few minutes that will help. Putting some on before meal times might help distract him.

I've snipped mats too, since I was a child because my parents wouldn't get our long haired cat properly groomed but would let her outside in the mud and burrs. Use small, maybe even round tip scissors and just cut across through the mat. If there's a little left near the skin you can try to pick that out. I always used my fingers as a guide and made sure any skin was under my fingers or below them, so the only one who could get cut was me. Never nipped a kitty.
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