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Daily Thread Thurs March 6th!

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Good morning dudes!

Its warmer here today, but I think we are getting another storm this weekend Wow, this must be a record snow year for us.

I am late in the daily today because I got to sleep in for an extra hour! I have meetings all day at the Insurance Institution...greeeeeeeeeeat

Anyway, not much else going on and I hope you all have a great day!
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Greetings to my Canadian neighbor... yeah,we've got storm watches coming for tomorrow and pretty much all weekend. It has been a very stormy winter in the Great Lakes.

I'm going grocery shopping this morning to make sure we're good to go if we can't get out.
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Morning All!

Milder here as well but snow is on the way...AGAIN...

Heading off to work in a bit, feeling not the best due to my head cold but took some Sinutab so hopefully that will kick in soon.

Nothing special planned just work and home..

Kitties are good this morning birdwatching right now.

Everyone have a good day
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Morning everyone. I am up early cause Mom has her check-up with the surgeon today.
Nothing planned today, just the usual cleaning of the litter boxes.

Have a good day.
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We are getting a cold front coming in from canada over the next 2-3 days (thanks!) then the temps will finally climb to "normal" for this time of year!! But its sunny outside!

My headache is back however-grrr......

Not much on the plate for today-finished yet another scarf and bought more yarn (3 skeins) yesterday (must stop!!!!) but talked with my SIL who thinks I should be able to sell them at her enormous plant sale this spring!!

Got the cat sitter lined up for next week, a neighbor just 1/4 mile down the road who has had indoor/outdoor cats and indoor dogs. So I am pretty comfortable about her coming over!!

Will have to use treadmill today as the wind is a bit brisk outside.

Porkchops on the menu for tonite.

Have a good one!!
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So I had to go to the doctor this morning to get lab work done. They took blood, and the lady that did it isn't very good. It hurt going in and out. It was terrible!! And this is the second time this week I've had to pee in a cup. The first was Monday for a drug test so I can get hired on permanately at work (I passed!) and then this time for the doctor. I made it to work almost on time, though!
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Morning all!

We have nothing to inventive planned today. Just off to get cat food and litter (the necessities! ) then to get my eyes checked. I need new contacts badly and can't get them without an eye exam, so I've put it off to long now...
time to go.
Passed my food safety course! I was doubting I would since I missed the second to last class because I was sick, but I did it!!!

Other then this, nothing new happening around here. It's a stagnant town and snow doesn't help it one bit.

Have a great day everyone!
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No public transportation today due to a strike, so students were few and far between before 11 a.m.. Those who made it in got an Internet research assignment, and were told they could chat/surf when they were finished, which they were happy about. Afternoon classes were pretty normal.
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There is not much going on here today. I work 5-9:30 tonight. The weather is nicer today, but its not going to last. We are supposed to get a bunch of snow tomorrow and Saturday again. I can't wait for spring.
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absolutely nothing happening here today...Im off and will be cleaning later today after DH goes to work...Ive gotta sweep & Mop, do the dishes, wash & fold the laundry, clean the counter tops off, vacuum the furniture, brush all the animals and wash and put away the laundry!
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Nothing much doing today. I went to Aquafit and did some laps. It was nice and sunny when I got out of the pool. When I left the club it was cloudy and cooler 64F. Waiting for our son to come home from school.
Later, I am going to pick up a cookbook or two to review for our paper.
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