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Hi all! My name is Lindsay and I'm 19. I have 3 beautiful cats that I love to death! I came here originally from Bellies & Babies and I think I might like it here. I really don't know what else to say, but HELLO!
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Welcome Lindsay! I'm glad you found us here. We try to warn people that this place is addicting, but they never seem to take heed. They just become another TCS addict. It's not a bad addiction, though. We love every minute of it.
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hi girly!!!! Nice to see ya over here. This board is AWESOME!! everyone here is soooo nice...
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Hi there!


yes, its true, this site is addicting!
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Kiwideus is addicted! I refuse to say I'm addicted.....I'm just a constant poster to these forums, that's all!

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welcome! hope you enjoy the boards. jump right in!

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Hi Lindsay
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Welcome! In my short time here, I've learned a bunch and have really enjoyed reading the postings and seeing pictures of everybody's kitties! When you have a chance, post some photos of your 3 gorgeous cats. By the way, what are their names?

Have a great weekend,
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Hi Lindsay, glad you found us. Welcome!
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HI Lindsay!!
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Hello Lindsay! So Glad you found this wonderful site-
So, where are your kitty pics? Can't wait to see them!!

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Hello Lindsay, pleased you found us. Enjoy the board.
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My cats' names are Squeaks, Eclipse, and Tabby. I'm pretty sure they're all mixed breeds....so they're not show cats or anything. I have pictures, but they're at home and I'm at work, so I'll try to remember to post them later. I've only got a few of Tabby cuz we just got her this week, but I'll show 'em off!
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Hi! My name is Ghyslaine and.....I am addicted! :LOL: And no......I am not seeking treatment! I love it!!!!!

Hope you like it here! Great people to meet!

Just prepare to stay for a while.
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Hey Lindsay!! Welcome to the site! :tounge2:
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Kass, you're not addicted. It's all of us who are addicted to Nakita

Welcome, Lindsay! Yes, we want pictures!!!
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