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Hi Im new here!

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Hi Im new here, I am almost 36yrs old married, No Children; I have 5 Orientals, 3 siamese, and 2 moggies, and 2 English Springers. I live Dorset Weymouth (United kingdom) []http://home1.picturestage.com[/IMG]
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This is Amiba, he is 13 yrs old, a real lap cat and bed cat!
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Very nice cats!!

We have many members who love the Oriental/Siamese varieties. I grew up with a Siamese and she had such a unique personality!

Welcome to the site!

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[IMG]home1.picturestage.com[] another photo
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Thankyou Top cat! for my welcome it will take a while to find myself round this site, but i will work on it.. I have loads of piccys
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What beautiful and happy kitties you have! Welcome to the site!!
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hello and welcome!

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Welcome! You have such beautiful furkids!
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Love all your pictures! What a wonderful animal family you have. Welcome!

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Hi mad about cats. Your babies are beautiful... so cute! Welcome aboard!
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:eye&mouth Welcome mad about cats!:eye&mouth
Your cats are gorgeous!! Love the way you can get them all to pose for pictures....too cool!
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Hi Mad about Cats. What a busy family life you must have. Luv the photos.
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Hi Sue yes it does get very busy, but I dont work and have no children so thats how I cope, I dont know how people work with multi cat househoulds, then keep on top dirttrays etc............
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Yes they amaze me too, then they get time to chat on the computer as well. I dont have any furry friends at the moment, but would love to get some though, the units I live in dont allow pets. Real bummer. One day I hope.
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Hi sue oh thats a shame you have no puss tats, never mind you have all the members cats to look at. its a shame you live so far away otherwise you could meet my lot! I live in united kingdom wow you live in Australia (WOW) you are so lucky, it is so cold here, windy damp roll on the summer. What do you do for a living? I cant believe how busy this site is, other forums I am on are so quiet. I met someone this monday that I met on another site, she came to my house and met the cats, she lives near me, we had lots of fun chatting away, and the cats loved her she has 5 siamese, and im going to meet her cats soon. the internet opens up such a big world.
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Yes we do live on opposite sides hey. Isnt the internet amazing.

I would love to be able to come and meet your furry family, noone I know here has cats so I just hang out at the pet shops. As for the weather, there has been drought here for some time. The rain has come though so now the weather is humid and as well as hot. Not that I am complaining too much I love the rain. I work in an air conditioned office so the heat is ok too. I feel sorry for those working out in the tropical heat though. I used to have a persian years ago and I always kept him fairly short haired as the heat was just too cruel for him.
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You have a great looking little family.
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