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My kitty Soy isn't doing so well these days, I'm so worried

It started from the vet visit. We took our 2 yr old indoor kitties Soy and Fox to the vet a week ago for annual exam and vaccination, annual exam turns out to be perfect good. Then they each had a shot for Rhino? and a shot for rabies. On our way home Soy the orange tabby vomited so we took him back, the vet decided that he had allergic reaction, they gave him anti-inflamation and some liquid under skin, after his temperature calmed down we went home.

After we got home both cats were a little depressed for several days, till today (9 days later) they eat normal, pee/poo normal, purrs a lot, but still not as playful. They used to fight a lot but we havn't notice much since.

We noticed Soy walk non-symmetrically since the day before yesterday (but we were not sure since it does not always happen), yesterday it was more obvious, we checked the whole leg, he let us squeeze it no problem. Consider he had the IV in the shoulder when in the vet, we thought it might relate to that (we forgot to check the paw).

But today he started limping after we got home and obviously his paw hurts, We tested on each pads on the affected paw and looks one of the 4 little pads actually hurts and is redish, the big pad has a tiny black dot in the middle, and seems less hurt and redish. These are the two hurting spots, other pads on the same paw seem not bother him.

I suspected burn, but the skin looks smooth; a sting but the pads are not actually swallen; a cut but how does it affect both big pads and one small pads?

Anyone has similar experience before? I'm hesitate to take him to the vet, everytime he goes he got quite stressful and takes a few days to recover

Any suggestion is apprecitated!! Please help Soy!