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Cat biting my head!

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Ok, this was really strange. Harley was one of our first cats, and was always very affectionate when he was little...now it is on his own terms, which is normal. Last night, I was sitting on the couch, and Harley came up to get his lovings. After a few minutes, he climbs onto the back of the couch and started pacing back and forth behind me, purring his head off. I just continued to pet him over my shoulder...and the next thing I knew he was playing with my hair. Ok, that isn't so weird..but then he sank his teeth into my head!!

I thought he just got his claws stuck in my hair, but DH said..."um, no, he's biting you!". So, I got him off, he sat there and purred for a while, then bit me again....hard!! He bit right at the back of my skull and drew blood.

Now, I'm thinking two things. Either he wanted more attention (but he's never been shy or aggressive about asking for attention) or, we had the windows open the day before because it was so nice and the barn cats are starting to go into heat. DH said it looked like he was trying to mount me (obviously, I couldn't see because I had teeth embeded in my scalp). He is now almost 4 and he was neutered at 6 months and he's never had this kind of behavior before. Which do you think? Could he have smelled the other cats and just instinct kinda kicked in? He's never bit me before.

I'm kind of confused....
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Ouch, that sounds painful! I don't really have any advice or insight unfortunately; I just wanted to sympathise.
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Sadie does that do DH when she wants attention she will sit behind him and it starts with her licking his hair and then biting him if he doesnt pet her she starts biting harder until he either gets upset with her or he pets her lol
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I would guess it was a bit of both - scent and his misguided attempt to groom/hold you still/play. I wouldn't let him at your hair in case he decides to try that again and if he does stop him at the grooming/play part.
I've had some cats try to chew and groom my hair and suddenly get too rough, like they forgot themselves for a moment and grab me like they would another cat.

Keep the bite clean and make your husband keep an eye on it for you to make sure it's not too red as you don't want it getting infected.
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Since your cat is 4 years old and this is out of the norm behavior, he might be telling you he is not feeling well.

Cats purr when they are happy but also purr when they are frightened or sick. I would take him to the vet and get some blood work done. Better safe than sorry.
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my older cat does that when she wants me to get up so she can sit wherever i am. she starts rubbing her chin on me, licking my hair and before long digs her teeth into my scalp. i managed to get a pic of her doing it friday and if i can figure out how to post it, i will.
note the cat hair covered sticky tape on thewall by the curtain LOL
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