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For Those Who Adores All Sorts of Aimals

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I moved into town last May, but used to live on my folk ranch. I'm only gonna post a few pictures of each animal with there name and Breed:

Appaloosa x Arabian Filly

Paint Filly

Appaloosa Gelding
Buttercup and Magnum's Dad

Morgan Gelding

Arabian x Quarter Horse Mare
Rain, Talon and Misty's Mom

Appaloosa x Arabian Gelding

Appaloosa x Arabian Mare
Magnum and Buttercups Mom

Arabian x Paint Filly

Paint Mare

Arabian x Paint Gelding

German shepherd x Lab

Basset Hound x Standard Collie

All the Dogs since I didn't have any singles of Gussmier, he's the Salt n Pepper Mini Schnautzer x Chihuahua on the bed. Next to my leg...
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Originally Posted by Azraela View Post

Omgomgomg!! i LOVE foals!!! I rarely get to see them, even now we're rural. Oh they are so beautiful!! I've never owned a horse before, but i used to visit alot of the paddocks at the house i grew up in, and they are the most gentle, beautiful, intelligent creatures (next to cats) i have ever met and ps: i absolutely adore their soft chins

I'm such a wuss!
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Beautiful horses, and sweet dogs. I love the foal too - all baby animals are cute, but foals are just amazing.

I'll move this to the Pet Pics forum, which is where pics of animals other than kitties go.
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if you like foals you may fid this clip cute, this is Cassady, me and dad had just gotten outta the fence after loving her up and she anted or attention:

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actually here are a few of the foal videos some are really choppy but are ok.

Dad scratching Cassady, when you find a spot they do this lip thingy you see here:

Dad just scratching Magnum down, Kahlua (now deceased) and Talon are playing in the field.

Magnum Sleepin about a week old.

Rain, I swear this baby was born to run!!! lol

Talon as a Foal laying down and Guss playing with him, or trying to.
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They are all so precious!!
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Great pics!!!! love the horses sooooo beautiful
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I really like the way Lady is built!
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omg what sweeties! they are sooo cute. I am in love with all of them of course especially Buttercup and Talon and the pups.
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We are going to have two quarter horse foals in May!!! I just CAN'T wait!!!! They look like they are loads of fun! We've never had any foals so this will be interesting!
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aww! they are all sooo beautiful!
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Great photos! Thanks for sharing!
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Gorgeous horses!
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