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The Family

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Just posting a few pictues of our "Family" :P

Here are a few of Just Lily:

With Mom (me):

With Dad (Dayton):
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What a lovely family. Little Lily looks like she's playing a drum in that second pic.
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Lily is so pretty!
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Those are great -- the 2nd one where she's jumping needs a lol-caption (maybe something about doing the Macerena)
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Awww what a sweetie!
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what a beauty... I want another kitty!!!
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awww lily is sooo pretty and so cute.
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Lily is so pretty! You have a lovely family!
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lol - okay so I've got my Yahoo radio on and Britney Spears "Toxic" is on... When I got to the second picture I just had to laugh because I got this mental image of her dancing to it...

she is really cute, btw!
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OMG!! What a little character!! I bet she entertains you guys for hours on end!! She is beautiful!
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What a gorgeous girl!!!

"Do the Hustle" do do do do do do
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Cute cat, I love the second pic lol.
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Fabulous pictures - beautiful kitty!
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sooo cute!
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Aww what a cute fuzzy family you have!! Lily is so lovely!!
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Awww she reminds me of my RB kitty Gus Gus.

This is what Princess does but I can never catch a picture.
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Ahhh Lily is just adorable, I really like the second Picture it is very sweet.
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