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Bleach for ringworm?!

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hey guys
i was at the vet a week ago and i caught a ringworm infection in my arm
the problem is that i've noticed some red spots on poor Macho so i think he got it from me
now ,i know the ringworm issue had been discussed many times here but i wanted to ask you guys about treating the spots with bleach (not diluted) did any one try that before? and is it safe to use on cats?
finally,do i have to isolate the poor guy or is it ok to just clean the house everyday?

umm,, is clorox considered bleach?
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u can not use bleach on the cat for ringworms. the only thing i know for ringworms on is to take it to the vet and get meds. as for you i dont know if you can use bleach on yourself. when my cat had ringworms the vet me a lotion for her and told me i can use it on myself too. it worked great and cleared it right up.
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thnx for the quick reply , i alos didn't like the idea at first but then i've read a lot of stories about how successful it is ,, so i was just wondering

by the way , the vet told me to use lamisil ointment on the spots and bathe him twice a week with nizoral shampoo,, but i know that this would take a LONG time to cure the spots
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oh yeah ringworms take a while to clear up. when we rescued a kitten she was covered with them. she was only 6 weeks old and the only one of her litter that survived from the place she was rescued from. she had them so bad she had almost no fur left. since i cuddled a lot with her to make her feel home i got them too pretty bad. on my neck where she loved to lay, on my stomach and arms. we didnt seperated her from the other cats but they never caught it. must of been just luck i guess. i dont remember what the lotion was called the vet gave us but it was good stuff. we had to put it on twice a day for over a month i think. but if u have any questions i can always ask my husband. he works at a vet clinic.

good luck
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I have never taken the cats to the vet for ringworm, waste of money imo, I just use some anti fungal cream from the drug store and it works well.
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First, make sure you've got your infection under control. I got a little spot on my leg, and I used Lotrimin (anything for athlete's foot will work, it's the same fungus) on it and kept it covered with a band-aid. This prevented it from spreading anywhere, although it can be on your skin without showing symptoms.

The bleach is for your house-- are you sure that's not what your vet said? You have to clean everything to get the fungus out. And then start the treatment on your cat.

It does take a long time, but thankfully ringworm is just kinda gross, it doesn't hurt or make you very sick, as long as you start treating it and keep treating it.
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yeah i agree it's kinda gross and i really don't want the infection to get to my hair hope it will go away soon


no the vet didn't say anything about bleach , i got that info from some sites,, i'm cleaning the house daily with bleach (clorox) ,,
so i'll stick with bathing him with nizoral shampoo and some diluted vinegar+ applying the lamisil ointment

does anyone know what spray i can use on couches?
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