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Does anyone know....

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A natural way to stop diarrhea? My mom is having problems with her liver due to medications so she can't take over the counter meds of any kind that can irritate it even more.

Any ideas would be appreciated. She keeps going constantly and just wants it to stop.
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If you want a quick stop, nothing works better than Immodium. However, it's not natural. For a more natural approach, you can try Metamucil (it binds diarrhea as well as softens poo in constipation), yogurt or probiotics (I like Custom Probotics 1), rice porridge or simply the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast.) Of course if it's med induced, a long term solution will have to be found. I have med-induced problems and deal by taking one immodium nightly.

I really feel for's no fun.
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When I had food poisoning the doctor had me take PeptoBismol. It helps settle the system, but lets the bad stuff go through. I had only 7up and Pedialyte for at least a day. When I was up to eating I started with Toast, bland oatmeal, and bananas.
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Nothing works better than Imodium AD. I have iritable bowel synrdome with diarreah (sorry if that's tmi- but i TOTALLY understand you mom's issue!) so it's a constant issue for me some days.

I control a lot of my symptoms by watching everything i eat. I cook just about everything in my own kitchen and don't eat out too terribly often so i can control what i know won't upset my stomach and don't eat things that will. She should stick to some pretty bland foods for a few days until her stomach settles. Canned pumpkin is great- she can take a little canned pumpkin and sprinkle some cinnamon and nutmeg on it and eat a little- it will help. But as far as natural things go- she's likely not going to find a lot of relief. The BEST thing in my opinion aside from prescription stuff is Imodium AD- i like the chewables because they dissolve quicker and get to working faster than the pill. I hope she feels better soon!

Tell her to keep a food journal so she can write down what she's eating and her symptoms after eating it- that way she can eliminate the things that upset her stomach (coffee, ice cream, milk, sugary foods really bother me (i'm also lactose intolerant and insuling resistant and have a few other GI issues- so she might not be bothered by as much as i am.) Once she figures out what she can and can't have -it will make life SOOO much more easy on her! Cutting back on stress helps too- stress always makes me have an upset stomach- the less stressed out i am though- the better it is.

She might want to eat baked chicken, plain rice, and stay well hydraged for a few days until she feels better.
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Banana's are supposed to help with diahrea. I used them a lot when my daughters were babies.
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I looked up immodium and she can't use it because it does irritate the liver. I may try the bananas.

She also has to stick to a low protein and low sodium diet. Does banana contain alot of protein? I think it may.
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I think banana is mostly potassium... that you find something to work.
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That is sad. You might want to find a doctor that is into holistic type treatments and ask a health store what they might recommend.
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My holistic vet claims slippery elm is a natural way to inhibit loose stool in cats - I assume that it would work for human as well!
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