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Goodbye Percival!

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My nephew-cat died in the hospital. He had been very ill with CRF for a while, and his jaw had become infected, and he was very dehydrated. The vet decided to hospitalize him for a few days and see if he would recover or if she recommended him being pts. Unfortunately, he didn't recover at all but instead passed away.

Percival was one of the first cats I ever loved, or lived with. He was a rare one indeed- he would wait for us to come home by the door, he would beg for clandestine licks of vanilla iced cream. He was brilliant, and lively. He lived his first two years on the street, and after with us, but he was never anything but gentle with anyone.

He was patient, and loving, and affectionate. He always had to be with the people, always had to be in on the action.

He ran away once (my fault, he got past me) and the next morning I found him under the house meowing. I knew he would come back, but I only slept 2 hours that night anyway after searching for hours. I grabbed him out, and when I put him down inside he sauntered away like "What? I meant to do that!".

It was a hard time in my life, and sometimes when I would cry he would nuzzle my face and lick the tears as if to wipe them away.

When my nephew was born, he got a little jealous, and you'd find him mimicking him. If we said "Aww!" Percival would try to do whatever it was too. If my nephew was on your lap, Percival would try to sit there too. And he always sat on the dining table to supervise my nephew's mealtimes.

He played fetch, and was a great older brother to Schmaltz and a great friend to Zissou. He was a great hunter, and once caught a bat mid-air that had the misfortune of getting into the house. He was, in short, one of the most fantastic creatures I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. So smart, and just a little mischievous-- he would climb up on the counter and knock the whole pizza on the floor just to get at the banana pepper.

Schmaltzin is very lost without him, wandering the house meowling for him. Schmaltz is very special-needs anyway, please keep him in your thoughts as well.

So, Percival, some day we will all see you over the bridge, and you'll have as much energy as a kitten and we can play with the laser pointer for all eternity. And I'll make sure Zissou is there too, and you can sleep on your favorite chair with your butts touching like you did when she was a kitten.

I imagine you'll be waiting at the window, like you did every day when you knew your daddy was on his way home.

I'm only sorry that my nephew isn't old enough to remember you, you're in like half his baby pictures.

Rest in peace, Percival. You are loved. I'm glad you aren't in pain anymore.
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So sorry about the Cat.
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I didn't know Percival through TCS, but I'm in tears reading your wonderful tribute to an obviously amazing kitty that was very, very loved.

I'm sorry he lost the fight - but I'm sure he knows how loved he was, and that he'll wait patiently for "the gang" to join him.

I'm glad he's pain free now. RIP, Percival.

to you,

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RIP Percival....
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What a beautiful tribute to what was, from all you said, a most amazing cat.

RIP Percival, many special TCS kitties will hopefully have greeted you at the bridge and shown you around.
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Thanks so much for your support.
I know I didn't talk about him too much, as by the time I joined the board I no longer lived with him, but he was very important to me.

I imagine he's made tons of friends already-- he had friendcats who would come up to the windows on the porch to say hi and he wasn't even allowed outside.

Here's a picture of him and Zissou the first time they met, when she was 3 or 4 months old. They were great friends, and I think Zissou maybe knows, she seems a little sad.

Sorry for making everyone cry, believe me, I cried when I wrote it.
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I'm so very sorry to hear about Percival.
Rest In Peace beautiful boy
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I am very sorry to hear about the cat! RIP Percival
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix View Post
What a beautiful tribute to what was, from all you said, a most amazing cat.

RIP Percival, many special TCS kitties will hopefully have greeted you at the bridge and shown you around.
it was lovely...
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Rest in peace Percival, play well at the bridge.
i hope that Schmaltzin, is doing ok .
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that was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful boy. RIP percival.
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Awwww what a handsome boy he is as well, poor baby

Have fun at the bridge Percival

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What a beautiful boy.

Rest in peace, Percival
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I'm so sorry about Percival.

RIP faithful friend.
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Rest In Peace Percival. It sounds like you lived a long and wonderful life. May you have fun and make lots of friends at The Rainbow Bridge.
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Condolences to all of you on your loss of such a special cat. Enjoy your angel-kitty wings, Percival, you sure did earn them!!
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