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Oh my goodness

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I have a cousin that just turned 19 last December. She has a one year old baby, just got married to the father and all three of them live with my Aunt. My cousin doesn't have a job. The dad might but I'm not sure. Anyway, I just heard that my cousin might be pregers again!!! Hasn't the kid ever heard of birth control. She relies on my grandparents for money all the time as it is. Of course my Aunt was never really much of a mom. She let my cousin do whatever growing up and her other child, a boy, is like 15 maybe and she has no control over him either. He's not even going to school!!! It so frustrating how messed up they all are.
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Not making sure the kid goes to school at 15 can get your aunt in serious trouble.

Your other cousin sounds a bit like my oldest step sister, she's younger than I am and has already had two kids. She won't use birth control or even consider it because she claims it makes her feel sick - there's more than one kind... and there's non hormone options she could try.
Luckily she is married and her husband works... and they moved out from my father and her mother's house, they still end up with the kids quite often.
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Wow, that sounds like a recipe for disaster I hope that your cousin somehow sees the "light" and gets her act together, though the odds are against that happening...Sending vibes that all turns out well
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Wow, that is really sad! I'm sending lots of vibes that things start getting better for them!
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I remember treating a girl once who was pregnant with her 4th child at the age of 19. Why oh why do people do these things? It's pretty scary. I hope things turn out okay for your family.
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That's too bad. I know people in situations like that. That is so sad.
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