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Yea!!! I picked lilly up!

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I just went out to feed the kitties and lilly was doing her normal walking infront of me thing. So i reached down and picked her up, and then put her right back down. She looked alittle confused but was purring I think she might become an inside kitty after all. Ashton and sherbert are boys so i want to get them fixed but it's not on the top of my list. But if I could bring lilly in and get her fixed and get mommy cat fixed that should slow down the kittens around her a tad. Plus I think my boys won't mind alittle sister as much as they would alittle brother
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Our two boys were just fine getting a new little sister! They were a bit bummed when Munchkin left because she was adopted - but they were then VERY patient when we brought their new little sister, Spooky, home. She swatted at them a lot for the first week, and they were sweet enough to move along and leave her alone. (We don't have enough room in our home to separate the cats when we bring a new one in - we live in an RV).

Once Spooky understood THEY weren't going to attack her, all went well. They're great friends now, constantly groom each other, sleep together - and make CHAOS together, romping around in here.

I did write up and pull together info from here (The Cat Site) and other places - a sheet on bringing outdoor cats in and introducing a new cat into the home - if you'd like me to e-mail them to you, I'd be more than happy to do so!!!!

I think what you're doing is WONDERFUL!!! It's so nice to have another kitty angel join us!!!!

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Princess Purr - I haven't had time to see your website yet . But I did just want to share a quick story - hubby registered and wrote it up the other day. Here's the link: A great day for tuxedo & co

Tuxedo is now in a boarding facility and has been there for a few days. Susan (who owns the Cat Chalet) says he now comes out of his cage by himself, explores around, and is letting her pick him up!

You just never know when it's going to happen.

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What great news about Tuxedo! It is amazing that he let someone besides you or hubby pick him up!
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