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Soul kitties

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I have seen a lot of people refer to one of their kitties as their "soul" kitty and I used to wonder what they meant. I think I understand now though as I commonly call Bentley my "Bear" kitty. Bear was my family dog growing up and one of my best friends.

Bentley is the one that is always waiting for me when I get home just like Bear used to. He sleeps on my feet every night in bed just like Bear used to do too. Basically, Bentley loves me and there is no doubt about that at all. I am "his" person (he really is a one person cat) and he makes me feel special every day. We had to put Bear down last summer and I had a really hard time with it but Bentley was practically glued to my side during that time and if it wasn't for him, I don't know how I would have made it.

All of my kitties are great of course, but Bent and I have a special bond that I don't really share as strongly with my other animals and I know he has a bond with me that he doesn't share with any other humans.

Is this what everyone means by their soul kitty? I would love to hear about your soul kitties!
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It's weird... I don't think I have one... Every time I get a new cat, it's like this one is like no other; but all the others are like no other, too. Maybe I haven't met my special cat yet?
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My 'soul' cat is no longer with me, but I think Arwen has taken her place.

I brought Tigger into our home quite a few years ago, she wasn't a stray as such as she belonged to my uncle. When he moved home, she didn't go with them, instead she ran away. A couple of weeks after she 'disappeared', I saw a familiar cat wandering about outside our house looking for food. Getting a closer look, I recognised her to be Tigger. After much persuading, my mum let me take her in.
She was a beautiful Tabby Shorthair, and had lovely green eyes. I adored them.
Everywhere I went, she was there, keeping me company. Sadly, one snowy day I discovered her curled up and stone cold.....
Rest In Peace my Sweet Tigger!

I now have Arwen...and she does resemble Tigger in certain ways, especially her behaviour. I do wonder sometimes if it is Tigger in Arwen's body
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hmm, well i adopted sinbad and maisie and maisie was my everything. she laid in my arms like a baby, she slept under the covers pressed up against me. when i got pregnant with my daughter, maisie became even closer to me. and when i gave birth it was like a competition. i remember feeding the baby with maisie laying across her. i remember waking in the night to find my 6 week old daughter with my cat laid ontop of her. shutting the door to keep maisie out prompted her to jump at the door handle to open the door. it was hard work keeping them apart!

basically maisie was insanely jealous of my daughter. tragically maisie was killed by a car when she was 3. i thought i'd never get over losing her, or indeed have a relationship like that again. but then i had thomas. found him after he'd been hit by a car. severe concussion, lost a tooth but otherwise ok. had him for 9 months during which time he became my soulmate. slept on my pillow, brought me various presents (mice and birds) and just made me feel good! again, a car took my big tabby boy away from me.

then i got janet, he was my boy. he followed me everywhere. he spoke to me. he made me understand him. i miss him and i miss maisie and thomas every day.

but now i have milo. he is different to maisie and thomas and janet.

i love all my cats and i accept that i will have a different relationship with them all. i am so lucky to have and continue to share my life with these complex creatures. they are all so terribly special.

oh and sinbad became my daughters soul mate. he was here when she was born and the 2 became so close it was crazy. you never saw her without her big black boy in her arms. they had a wonderful 13 years together and he taught her so much about unconditional love. he was and is her guardian angel.
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I had a special soul kitty named Bubba. My whole life revolved around that cat. We had a special bond from the day he was born till the day he passed away. I can't describe the energy that was between us, but it was so magical. Many people who came into our lives over the years would see that special bond. It has been 3 years since Bubba died and I miss him so much... I have his picture on my dresser along with his little urn.

I have very special cats in my life now, but I don't have a special Bubba anymore, I think he was a once in a life time gift.
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Originally Posted by abbycats View Post
I had a special soul kitty named Bubba. My whole life revolved around that cat. We had a special bond from the day he was born till the day he passed away. I can't describe the energy that was between us, but it was so magical. Many people who came into our lives over the years would see that special bond. It has been 3 years since Bubba died and I miss him so much... I have his picture on my dresser along with his little urn.

I have very special cats in my life now, but I don't have a special Bubba anymore, I think he was a once in a life time gift.
it saddens me to think that you think you may never have that connection again. i truly believe that we can experience it with more than one cat. to you .
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My soul kitty is gone.

Ditto was one of the kittens from Twix's second litter, the one we were going to keep. I had to battle it out for him to stay as opposed to one of the others (I'd told him countless times that he was going to stay with us forever and ever and couldn't dream of giving him away). That alone was enough to make me love him a lot. However, on Christmas Day, I realized he was really sick. It turned out he had pneumonia and worms and at that time a fever. I did my best to nurse him back to health, brought him to the vet, got him on meds...while he was sick he was completely indoors and my little buddy, constantly with me and following me around. We loved each other so much...he was my angel and I loved taking care of him.

However, almost exactly a month after Christmas he crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. My little boy just wasn't strong enought ot make it. In his place I have Lady, the last remaining kitten of the litter. Although she's a complete doll and I love her too, she's not my Ditto...none of my cats are. Don't get me wrong, I love them all more than anything! It's just not the same connection.

Cats like that are like a piece of you, not just a well-beloved pet. It just took mine to pass for me to really realize that he was my soul kitty.
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Oh man, you guys are making me cry. I'm sorry you all have lost so much. . . Bear was definately my soul puppy and honestly, when he went to the RB, I had three of my four kitties already (Bear was at my parents house) and even though they are all very young right now, I found myself terribly scared of losing them. On my way home from the vets, I actually thought about finding them new homes because I didn't think I could ever deal with losing a pet again.

I spent the better part of two weeks in bed crying after losing Bear and I really don't think that Bentley ever left my side. Trinity and Mercury spent a lot of time with me too but Bentley was so devoted to me, so worried about me it seemed that he wouldn't leave the room unless I did. I know it's a little crazy, but I swear Bear had a little chat with Bentley on his way out and told him to take care of his girl. Bentley and I were close before that anyway, but since then he has become my lap kitty and constant companion.
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Mouse was my soul kitty... but i think Chip has Mouse's soul now. he's doing his best to become the new 'soul kitty'... the others i love to bits, & Pixel is my senior, & i've had her 10 years... but she's not as demonstrative as Mouse was or as Chip is. & that's what really appeals to me. he has to get his snuggles every night when the light goes out, just like my Mouse...
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I don't really have one

Out of my 2 cats that I have now, Matilda is my favorite (I feel guilty saying that though). She hates me though.
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My soul kitty was my beloved Max, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge this past November. He was adopted from the Humane Society 11 years ago and his story was a sad one. When I got him at 4 months old, the woman at the shelter told me his history. he had been thrown out of a third story window and then had a can of paint dumped over him. He had patchy fur at best when I took him home. From such a rough start, this cat was one of the most loving and trusting cats I've ever had the pleasure to belong to. He was my constant shadow, sitting in my lap wherever I was. He slept with me every night, curled up next to my pillow. He would greet me at the door when I came home and everyone who met him loved him. I miss him everyday, and am glad to have had the chance to have him in my life.
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My soul kitty was Simon, the kitty in my avatar I loved that cat so deeply, it was like he and I were truly joined at the soul. His love for me was totally complete too. I can't really describe it, I love all my cats, but the love I had for him went that extra step. He was instrumental in helping me thru my divorce, I'm not sure what I would have done without him.

All my kitties have leukemia and I fooled myself into believing he would never get sick, but he did and he hid it from me until it was too late, I think he did it to protect me. I often wish for just one more day with him He's been gone a little over a year and a half and I still think of him everyday.

When I am very stressed or upset about something, which to be honest isn't often, but if I am he will come to me in a dream and I know everything will be okay. I have his collar on my keychain
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I'm not sure I would say "soul kitty" but I've had two in the past that I was very close to. A little black cat named Bobby that I raised from a kitten, he was my shadow and indulged me in all the things 6 year olds like to do - dress up, sleeping in the little beds I made for him, playing with me, and sharing food of course. Sadly he was an indoor/outdoor cat and coyotes got him early one morning.
Another was a black and white persian mix named Faleshia (mother named her ) that we got from a vet. She was the most gentle cat. She would sleep with me at night, knead on me, and suck on my pj shirt collars. Because she was a big cat I would carry her like one would a small child - when I would lean over and put my hands under her front legs she would reach them out like a child would and then wrap them around my neck. I would love to find another girl cat with her sweet gentle personality.

Now I feel Tomas is definitely my cat and I'm very attached to the little guy, no matter how much of a brat he can be. I've often said to DH that I think Tomas and I have some similar personality traits - we'll both argue with DH and each other.
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Bailey was my soul kitty. She was my constant little shadow to the point that my husband joked she was my "familiar." She was deeply attached to me and our oldest daughter. During the day she followed me around, and if I didn't sit down early enough for her Bailey would start to meow piteously. At night she'd sleep either next to me or with our daughter.

Whenever I left the house Bailey would wait for me in the window. As soon as I came home she'd be circling around my legs and meowing at me to sit down. She loved to sit in my lap when I was on the computer or on the sofa.

When I'd get ready to go upstairs to bed at night I'd ask Bailey, "Hey, you want to go to bed?" if she was downstairs with me. She'd meow at me and run up the stairs to my room. If I didn't go upstairs fast enough she'd come back down the stairs part way and meow at me.

I remember one time when I was really ill from the flu Bailey stayed right with me, keeping vigil over me.

I lost Bailey just a little over a month ago, on January 31, to a sudden illness that took us all by surprise. I still miss her so very much.
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My soul kitty was Gooner, he's been gone 4 years (1 month & 9 days) now and I still miss him he was a one-person cat and I was his person. Every night after his wanderings he'd come and curl up by me in bed and let me cuddle him like a teddy bear and 2 or 3 times a week I'd come downstairs to find the result of his wanderings (usually a rat - urgh!) displayed prominently at the bottom of the stairs where I couldn't fail to notice my 'present' (he even managed to bring me one the week before he died when he was so ill and weak with a tumour on his throat)
I see shades of him in my new Pipsi, though maybe it's just wishful thinking...
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Alley was my soul kitty (pic in my avatar). I have had other cats that I loved a lot and Riley is my little lover boy that I can't do without, but Alley was different. Alley was basically me, in cat form. We really were just an extension of eachother. She was MY cat and I was HER person. She always knew what I was thinking just as I knew her thoughts. For nine short years we were complete. There will never be another like her, and I will miss her until I die.
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These are great. I'm getting teary-eyed myself.

Gudrun was my soul kitty. I had gone up to do a play-reading at a theatre in the Poconos. I was only there a week, but the rest of the company was there for the summer. There was a big house that was used by the actors. And there were some barn cats around.

My first night there, this little grey tabby came marching right into my room and jumped on the bed and slept there every night with me.

When I was going back to the city, someone said, "You have to take this cat. She loves you!" I didn't take her then, but I kept in touch with them, and when the rest of the actors finished their run, one of them called me and said, "You want that kitty? We'll drive her down." I already had a 6 year old male, Torfinn, but I couldn't resist taking this little girl. She was a "kisser", always butting her head to my face.

She became diabetic, but lived for 16 1/2 years. 5 1/2 of those I would give her insulin twice a day. She was the sweetest little thing.

When I had to take her to the vet, at the end of her life, I sat with her through it all, because I wanted my voice to be the last one she heard......and I said, "You chose me. You were a wonderful kitty and you chose me."

She definitely was my soul kitty.
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Woody was my soul kitty.

I got him when I was working at the animal shelter. I got to work one day and there was an empty cardboard box outside of the office door. It had air holes poked in it, so I knew it had an animal in it at some point, but I couldn't find one. We started unlocking the dog kennels to clean them when we heard a small "meow". Looked over and there was a little orange and white kitten running towards us. The guy I worked with picked him up, handed him to me and said "here, have a cat."

At that time I was still living with my parents, and I begged them to let me bring that kitty home. They agreed, and I brought him home with me the next day. My friend (guy I worked with) named him Tiger Woods... "Woody" for short. From the first day, Woody knew he was mine. He would run to greet me as soon as I got home every day, he'd run up my leg and sit on my shoulders. He slept curled up next to my face every night.

Living with my parents was really rough for me, I was always being put down and was always sad. Woody was always there for me, he was my best friend. He was only 2 years old when he passed away in 2005, and I still miss him terribly.

I love all of my cats very much, but I haven't yet had that kind of connection with any other cat. I sure hope I will get to experience that again someday.
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