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What am I doing here!?

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I need to vent...

I came into work today even though I probably should have stayed home. There was 20 cm of snow when I started out and there is currently a foot of snow on the ground I almost got stuck at least 7 times just on the way here at 7:30 this morning.

My co worker who lives about an hour away called in saying she couldn't get out of her driveway, so she wasn't in today. Which I don't mind, I mean I came in late on Monday because of the freezing rain.

Anyhow, didn't my boss decide to pack it in over an hour ago in order to go home and snowblow their laneway.

And here I am...

at work....


compleetly alone.....

i'm not allowed to close the office unless the boss says so....
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Awww, that stinks. We'll keep you company.
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That REALLY sucks, but if you are alone and have a radio - turn it up really LOUD

I lucked out - this is my work-at-home day so I didn't have to deal with the snow this morning. Just got done shoveling the driveway so I can get the car out in the morning
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Here, in my area, we locals would applaud you for not being a wimp and "packing it up"...So, it's some snow with lousy driving and some driveways getting filled in - it's still winter. Thank God for the business that your boss has you. Wow, TCSers are a tough lot!! So, this one's for YOU!
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Awww...Rhonda...That stinks! Isn't it funny how the responsible one always ends up getting stuck at work?

Next time you have a snow in, remind your boss that you got stuck the last time and make sure that you take turns on who stays behind. That way it is not always you. Be careful in that weather also.
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