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In or Out?

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Is it just me, or do anyone else's cats do this too?

Brandy, Shark and Arwen will all do this at least twice or three times a day. They will either wait at the back door to go out, paw at it with their forepaws, or jump at the handle to get your attention. Once they have done that, and you open the door for them, they just stand there halfway and peer out! And you think to yourself " What are you doing? Staying in or going out? Make up your mind cat!"

And they seem to do it in the most inappropriate weather...freezing cold, rain or snow. I sometimes wonder if they do it on purpose

The other thing, when they do finally make their mind up, they are back at the door again a few seconds later to either come back in or go out again....I give up!
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yep my cats are at the door when I come home from work...
sometimes i'll pick salem up and put him in the snow (on the back step)..and he'll run back into the house fast..its pretty funny...
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Skye does that with the bedroom door. First she cries and cries to be let out then a few seconds later she is crying to be let in again. I think it's just a fun game to play with the human slaves emotions. Yup that's my take on it.
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Thirty years and nine cats later, I haven't had a single cat who DIDN't do that!

Me: "C'mon honey -- in or out, please!"
Hubby (from dining room floor where he's doing his exercises): "YEAH! It's COOOOOOOOOOOLD"
Me: "That's it -- take your tail with you!"
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my kittens don't go outside but they do their bit in the house. shinobi will lay right in the kitchen doorway, which is a door normally kept shut because my collie dylan will sneak in there and eat the cat food. i'm sure dylan has had a word with him!
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My cats are indoor-only but Matilda does that with one of the bedroom doors.
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My kitty is always at the door when i come from work, he doesnt show too much interest for the outdoors yet. he will be indoor tho i wont let him out like I did with my last one.
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maybe they're looking for the 'door into summer'! [The Door Into Summer, by Robert Heinlein]
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
maybe they're looking for the 'door into summer'! [The Door Into Summer, by Robert Heinlein]
Oh, yes --- a favourite pastime of kitties, and one to which we refer frequently! Not at all uncommon for us to remark, on the seventh visit to the door, "No, darling, it's still not summer out there yet!"
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Cello is the worst. He loves outside and will cry everyday for the first month of winter. Then he finally gets the hint. LoL We allow them in the back yard during the summer with supervision.
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They don't want out or in. They just want the door open.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
They don't want out or in. They just want the door open.
so true!

Bea is my only indoor/outdoor but that's enough.
All day long she's in and out, I won't leave the door open for her because I have two indoor only kitties.

While I'm sleeping is the worst though! She waits until I'm sound asleep with two kittens sleeping on me and then she paws at the door until I let her out. Of course she wants back in again as soon as I've either gotten comfortable or fallen back asleep
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I tried to make Butzie an indoor cat when we brought her home from the shelter. My eardrums hurt so much that I gave in. We have a screen cat door. When Butzie wants to go out, I open the sliding door so she can out the cat door. She looks at me as if to say, "Meowmy, open the screen door for me." I tell her no way; if she wants out, she can use that cat door.
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I get that all the time. Sophie will just sit and wait untill 1 of the others want to go out. Shyla will do full body stretches up the door. Saffie will sit on the window sill and bash the set of keys or door chain untill she gets your attention. Pippa will sit infront of my monitor and meow right infront of my face and start biting my glasses and pulling them. And amber will just scratch the door madly lol After they get my attention i will stand at the door freezing my butt off while they decide weather they realy do want to go out or stay in.
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little brats
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Wesley will wait by the door and meow when I walk by. And right now there is so much snow out there so when I open the door he will poke his head out and look out but not go out so I push him back in so I can shut the door. Then a little while later he will ask to go out again!! So it's like every once in a while he just wants to see if the snow is gone yet or something!!
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