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suzys kitten update

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here is a little update on suzy and her babies. suzy is a great mom she really takes good care of them. the kittens are growing normal and eat a lot. they are little piggys. the little cream colored kitten is starting to get dark points on the ears. she also has a little problem. her eyes are not open yet of course but she already has an eye infection. i can feel it under her eyelid. has anyone ever seen this happen to a kitten that age? they are a week old. if it doesnt get better by tomorrow they will go to the vet.
anyways here are some pics.
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Awww, they are adorable!!
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I don't know anything about the eye infection but those kittens are soooooo cute. I love the one lying on his back like he is sun tanning.
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They're adorable!
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omg they are too cute!
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Those kittens are the cutest! They look awkward!
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Aww how cute - 2 brown tabby/white, 1 blue tabby/white and one possible pointed (either seal or blue point).

I'd call the vet and have the eye checked. If there is infection you don't want to let it get worse. Better safe then sorry.
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my husband just got back from the vet with the little girl. he doesnt want to open the eye up since they never been opened yet. he gave us antibiotics for her. she gets just a drop twice a day. if its not better before she opens her eyes on her own we take her back and then we see whats gonna happen. he said he seen it lots of time and it shouldnt damage the eye.
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OMG so adorable
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Very cute!
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an update on little girls eyes. after 2 days it gotten any better but a lot worse. so i called the vet 30 minutes ago. he told me to take a syringe and make a little hole in the eye lid and let the infection drain out and then clean it up good. i didnt even had to poke it hard and the infection ran out. i have never seen anything like that before. i did it on both eye lids. as soon as i drained it all out and cleaned it i took her back to her mom and of course she cleaned her even more. little girl must feel so much better now and she is now nursing on her mom. the vet wants to see her tomorrow to make sure everything is ok.
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I'm glad you got the eye drained out. I had a similar thing happen with a baby rabbit that I had. I was also amazed at all the stuff that came out of her eyelid. She healed up well though. I hope the same for your baby.
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thank you. im sure she will be ok. and the vet is going to check her out again tomorrow too just to be safe.
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How old are they now? When do you expect their eyes to be opening? That is scary. I'll be checking back regularly for updates!!
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they are 10 days old today. the infection is pretty much all drained out now. she looks a little funny right now because the skin got streched so much but shes ok now. they should open their eyes in the next few days. not sure about her the skin needs to go back to normal first i think.
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another update on the little white girl. the infection never came back and today she opened her eyes. they are just perfect and no damage to them at all. i will post pics soon.
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I am so glad to hear that her eyes are are a great kitty mom!
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Yay!! Glad she has clear eyes!! I'd love to see some photos!
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as soon as my hubby gets home i will take some pics. i need his help now since the kittens dont just want to lay around anymore. everytime i want to take a pic they crawl away really fast.
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