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Some People are so Ignorant!

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This morning my ride was coming to get me at 6:10am. Because Chynna is currently on antinausea medication I have to get up much earlier than that so that I can give her the medication, wait 1/2 hour, give her a bit of food, wait another 1/2 hour and give her more food. So I was up at 4am today!

Needless to say that when my ride arrived at 6:10am I was yawning and ready to go back to bed

In the car I yawned a few times and the driver asked me how come I was so tired. I told him about having to get up early to give my cat pills before her meals for 5 days because she has been sick. He asked what kind of pills and I told him that one was for nausea and the other for her high blood pressure. He asked how much the pills cost for a cat. I told him $21.00 per month for the blood pressure pills.

He asked how old she was and when he heard "15 years old", he told me she's old and sick and that I should just kill the cat and get another one!

I told him that there isn't anything wrong with my cat except for having high blood pressure and maybe a thyroid problem, both highly treatable with a pill a day!

He went on to say that it's just a cat and rather than wasting money on pills I should just kill her and get another one!

I asked him if he would kill his mother is she needed to take a pill for her high blood pressure every day?

He yelled at me and told me "How dare you compare my mother to a cat!"

I told him that he values his mother's life and I value my cat's and that if he says one more negative word about my cat and how I should kill her, that I was going to hurt him so he should just shut the heck up!!!

I swear to God had I had a barbell in my hand I would have hit him with it. How dare he say such a cruel and horrible thing.

I called the office when I got home to complain about him. By the time I got out of that car I'm sure I had high blood pressure because I felt like my head was going to explode. It was all I could do not physically hurt that idiot!!!
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Some people should be stomped on How could he say something so cruel?! What a small-minded individual. Good thing you didn't hit him, hun, he's not worth the jail sentence
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I hate those people, you should see half of the S*** i have to put up with people when i tell them im taking them with me to Australia and the price.

It just makes me so angry how people can be so harsh
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I'm sorry, but first of all, I would never have given answers to all those questions - your finances are NONE of anyone else's business.

In the future, be polite, but don't give a stranger that much information about yourself - it wasn't even his business that you were yawning!
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I would have had smoke coming out of my ears!

i've heard comments like that too over the years.
If they have those thoughts, I cant control them, but for goodness sake keep your mouth shut!! It is disrespectful to say such a thing about someone's pet who is obviously so loved.
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People are incredibly rude. I had the same response when our Andy was diagnosed with a heart condition and I had planned to do whatever I could for him. And the response came from my Dad. I pretty much told him to shut the &^*& up and that he should hope I don't have to make these decisions about him.
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I just let comments like that go in one ear and out the'll always come across stupid people...nothing to worry about..
and Gingersmom was right..I wouldn't give out that much information...
its none of his business
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Some people just have any compassion in them!
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Gr, I would've been so mad too. Obviously he doesn't show much compassion towards animals and probably sees them as mere 'merchandise'. Ugh, it sickens me to know that people think of animals like that!
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Wow, that guy is a huge .
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Sounds to me like you were being friendly and he was baiting you. What a jerk.
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I agree, don't give people the information to hurt/upset you. A generic "oh, I've just had some early appointments the last few days" would settle it - if the guy got the hint.
As whiteforest pointed out, family is another matter... but you know what they say - you can't pick your family.

Interestingly at the vet this morning I overheard an older woman saying "I think I'll hold off on the declawing". I asked if she'd heard of soft paws and she said yes, the staff had just discussed that with her! So for every idiot out there, there are people who do think or are willing to learn... but some days it does seem like you run into all the bad ones.
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Oh my gosh! What a jerk! I couldn't imagine anyone saying that unless they were completely cold hearted!!! I would have yelled at him too!
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Sounds to me like you were being friendly and he was baiting you. What a jerk.
I am like you - I just speak the truth when we should just stare down the other person and sternly say, "And your reason for asking that is........"
It works great for my aunt, who was a prison warden.
But if it ever comes up again, tell the jerk that the cat is a companion cat. Even if it is tempting to look at him and tell him what a waste of Earth's resources he is
Please keep us posted on how your work deals with the complaint that you filed!!
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some people just dont care about animals.

couple of weeks ago, how i was in the cafatiera, at work getting some coffee.
Someone i know walked up , and asked how eazy was feeling(i had taken him to the vet the day before), I said him, well he sick , vet said he has some infection gave me some drugs for him.

lol well then i told him about trying to give eazy the meds was not going well, as eazy was fighting back really hard hehhe,,

well then someone, that is the cafatiera crew said well if your having that much problems , its just a cat, knock in the head,and toss it out in the garbage.

i looked at her,and answered, first this was not your converstion and i dont remember asking you to join. Second-your just a cafatiera worker and i dont need or want your opinion.

ok granted maybe my answer was mean, and over the top, I dont really care what type of work someone does, but , i had very little sleep the day before, and had already been in the office for 13 hours that day. i was grumpy.
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Linda, you did GREAT, telling that guy off -- and you, too, Bruce, with your cafeteria worker. Thank you both for having the courage to forget being polite and just say what needed to be said!
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Jeez what a jerk. I would have slapped in upside his head and told him to pull over, that I would rather walk than be driven by a cold-hearted excuse for a human being. Good for you for telling him off.
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