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Got a Kitten Finally-need Advice

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Hi well I finally got a kitten about 1/2 hour ago. He is adorable and only 9 weeks old. The funny thing was I was going to a feed store to get some chinchilla food. There he was with a bunch of other kittens and I had to have him. It usually works out that way. He is black and white with short hair.
Right now I have him in my spare room upstairs with kitty litter and food.Of course he is nervous.
I need to know as it has been a long time. I want his litter box to stay in the spare room and I want him to remember it is there. Do I keep him in the room and visit him frequently or let him have the run of the house. I dont know if he would forget where the litter box is.
I have not had a kitten in a very long time.
My allergies did act up when I was with them all at once but seem to be settling down now. I think as I was told here that I will build up the immunities in time.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Wish me luck. You will be hearing a lot more from me now that I am not catless.

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Congratulations on your new kitty. In my experience I've only had to show mine where the litter pan was and after that they had no trouble finding it. When I brought mine home for the first time I took them to where it was and put them in it. That way they get the idea. You just need to make sure it's somewhere out of high traffic areas in your home, cats like privacy when they go just as much as we do. Also this spare room, being a kitten it might be difficult at first for it to make it up to the room in time because of it being upstairs, and that would be embarrasing for kitty. In the mean time enjoy your kitty. It's probably okay to let him run around the house and check things out but you will want to keep an eye on him. They can get into all kinds of mischief. Have you decided on a name yet? Keep in touch.
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Thanks for the reply. Do you think I should have another litter pan downstairs as well so he wont have to try and make it up there. Or should I just put him in it every once and a while. I feel so new at this as I havent had a kitten in so long.

He is so sweet, I played with him after I posted here for quite some time. He is still nervous but is coming around. He loved to play though with a necklace I pulled it around for him. He then went to sleep.

No names yet as my hubby has not even seen him. He loves cats though and is happy I got him.I will let you know when I do. I might have more questions as well. Anymore input would be most welcome

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Two litter pans is not a bad idea, as a matter of fact I have two. I would put one downstairs also, and put him in it so he'll know where it is. Do you have a vet yet? At his age he should begin getting his first shots. They are so cute, aren't they. I love to watch them play, as specially when they are so young and everything is new to them. I have 3, by the way. One of their favorite toys is a rolled up piece of aluminum foil, it's shiney and they love to slap it around the kitchen floor, and best of all it's a cheap toy he'll enjoy.
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Yes I am looking into a vet as he hasnt had shots and I want to have him looked over. He is still kind of nervous of us but he is starting to come around more. He is very playfull and likes it when you pull a string or old necklace around.The foil idea is great and I will try it thanks.
I am a bit concerned as he does not like the food they recommended. It is kitten food and is called Royal Canin Feline Nutrition Growth 34.Its the food that was in the cage at the store but he wont touch it. Do you think I should get some canned food and put a tiny bit in it to get him eating.? Or do you think he will start to get hungry enough to eat. I dont want to make him fussy but I dont want him to go too long without food. Thanks

ps still thinking of a name.
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You know, if your husband loves cats too, you really ought to get another one so your kitty has someone to play with while you're gone. You could visit your local animal rescue and give someone a loving home.
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We are already talking about another one
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Congrats on the new kitten...Get recommendations from friends that have cats on who their vet is, and if they like him/her. Also call around and ask questions...what are their hours..on what you should do if they are closed and you emergency care. Is the kitten kibble fairly large?? He may be having a hard time trying to eat it. Trust your instinct..if it doesn't feel right, then don't do it or call your new vet...By the way, make sure you have a written down list of any questions you have for the vet and take it with you on your first few visits. Good Luck on your NEW Baby!

DebbieA and the Kids...Tai-Tai, Zoe, Baby
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Hi Debbie

The kitten food is small but he just hates it. I thought he might be sick but we had pancakes this morning and he jumped on my leg and wanted to eat those. He did not get any.Last night I mixed the tiniest bit of a canned vet cat food from my friend next door. She has two cats. He ate it but I guess it was too rich for him and he threw it up. It breaks your heart as he wants all the things he should not have.I dont want him to get into unhealthy eating habits.

I will be taking him to the vet this week. Unfortunatly this is a long weekend up here.I will write down my questions. That is a good idea. Thanks for the suggestions. He is so adorable and we just love him

He is still really playfull and seems ok except for the eating very little.

Oh btw my hubby named him Rocky.

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Congratulations!! This is such a special time with your new baby. When I got my second kitty a few months ago the breeder told me it might be a few days to a week before she starts to eat normally b/c everything is so new. Also your kitty is so young. Give him some time. When I was trying to get me kitty to just eat dry food she really gave me a battle of wills. At 3 days I couldn't take it anymore & would feed her wet food. My vet said just hang in there. They can go 4-5 days! But she did come around. My Isis has very tiny teeth & the smaller the better. She can only eat soft treats so far b/c of the hardness & size of normal treats.

Good luck with your new baby & enjoy him!
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Thanks for the input. I have mixed a tiny amt of canned food (seafood) into his dry and he will take it a lot better. The food my friend had was too rich. It is from the vets.

I am glad to know that this is normal for the first few days as it is a worry. I will be glad to get him to the vets. I know this will ease my mind greatly.

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One thing that no one has mentioned yet, is to "child" proof your house. When we got our kitten last summer, it was almost like I had a toddler again. she was into EVERYTHING. There was one day when I bought a big bag of cat food, put it on the table and came back to find that she had ripped it right open in the middle, and the food was spilled all over the floor. She wasn't eating it, just standing on the bag, and my older cat was having the time of his life!!

I have stairs with railings, and had to block those off, as she was so small, she fit in between and was walking along the edge. I have also had to put chairs next to things that she quite can't jump up to, but claws her way up instead. I have put two chairs next to my curtains and left a space for her to go through, as she tried to jump up to the window sill through the curtains.

If you have window coverings with strings hanging down, put those up too, or he will be attacking those soon.

All in all, it's going to be a very fun year for you. We got our first cat at the shelter and he was already a year old, so we missed his kitten stage. T.C., our little one, has brought us a lot of laughter and head shaking, as we can't believe the things that she does. She loves tinsel balls, similar to foil balls,and will fetch them and drop them at your feet to throw, over and over again. You'll find that Rocky will have his distinct likes and dislikes soon enough. Have fun, and remember to keep his area safe.
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I started mine out on kitten canned food, after they got good and used to it I started mixing in the dry kitten food. Now they mostly eat dry food and I split a can of Fancy Feast between the 3 of them for lunch.
Does kitty have a name yet?
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Mofong and Bookitty

Thanks I have done some checking around the house to make sure it is safe.. He is rascal Also I gave him a little canned food on its own because he just is not eating enough to suit me.He likes it better. I know he needs the dry food to but he is so skinny. I am calling the vet as soon as I finish this post. I appreciate all the replys to my thread. Thanks so much for your help. Oh and Bootkitty yes we have named him Rocky.

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if he's not eating enough, supplement with Baby Tabs. My kitten LOOOOOved these, and still gets them as treats. Even my older cat wants to eat them too. They are great kitten vitamins and are packed with taurine, which is what kittens need for healthy hearts. You should be able to find these at any pet store. I started to give them to my kitten when she kept eating the adult diet food from my older cat. Since kitten food has the taurine, it should be okay, but if he isn't eating like he should be, then you need to supplement.
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Mofong I will look for that in the pet store. I think he could use a supplement. He is so darn skinny.
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