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Runt of the litter - eat more?

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I have three kittens. Two of them weigh 1.5 pounds, one weighs 1 pound (a pretty big difference!) They were all found together on the street very young with no mommy, so we assume they are the same age, same litter. They are about 6 weeks. oooh and we got them weighed at the vets.

Snowball is the "runt" I guess. He seems as if he is developing slower than the other ones and weighs a lot less! Should I be worried.

Right now I am feeding them actual meals 2 times a day, 12 hours apart. Each meal consists of .6 oz of kitten canned science diet food, a teaspoon of 2nd step and some dry kitten food mixed in.

The woman who found them had been feeding them twice a day and I wanted to keep them on schedule. They have never cried for food but because I worry about their development, how fast they are growing, (people recommend feeding kittens 3-4 times a day, etc. Hubby and I have been having "training" sessions with cooked chicken at random times throughout the day 2-3x. At these sessions we train 1 kitty at a time (to come to name, etc.) for a 5 minute interval. We break the cooked chicken into tiny little pieces and they are fed I don't know how many ounces but a substancial snack each time.

Snowball eats slower than the other ones. I have been giving him less dry food and a bit more canned food in his meals (because it is hard for him to eat dry food - so only 3-4 pieces for him) -sometimes he will eat it, sometimes he won't.

If anyone read all this, thank you. My question is......... should we give him a third substancial meal a day in another room that the other kitties don't have.

Should we even worry about the weight difference?

What do you think. Otherwise he is a seemingly healthy little kitty.
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I know what you are saying as I too have had a litter of three kittens, one of which was substantially smaller then the other two. I believe even more then .5oz at 6 weeks old.

I did ask the vet what she thought and she said that they don't go by the weight of the kitten (as every kitten is different) but by how healthy they are. If they are healthy, being smaller then the rest is normal and not something to be concerned about.

Unfortunately with the little guy I had she was thin compared to the other two but still healthy. So the vet did recommend that I feed the smaller kitten 3X a day a mixture of wet and dry kitten food (1 tbsp of each mixed together with warm water to soften it). I of course had to seperate her to feed her (or her brother and sister would eat it before she had a chance to take one bite!). She did gain some weight and although she remained smaller then the other two her weight was good in comparison to her body size.

Hope this helps and good luck!
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Oreo was the Runt of the litter. When I got her she was half the size of all the other Kittens but she has fcks. She is 6 Months and 7 Pounds now. They didnt even know of she would live when she was a few weeks old. My Meeko was 1 Pound at 3 Months and she will be 8 years old in June and weighs 8 Pounds even.
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