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Reintroduction - How Long

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Our female cat hissed at her sibling, who spent 3 nights in the hospital for blockage. Right now I have Feliway plug-in, rescue remedy applied to their ears & paws, plus I rubbed vanilla extract under their chins & back where it meets the tail.

I also tried rubbing her cheeks first, then her brother with a towel, & when I come back to rub her again she hisses at the towel. Guess it needs to be done prior to the reintroduction.

I understand every cat is different. But generally how many days (as we'll not be home 24/7) will I see improvement/for them to become close again?
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this is interesting as i have read other threads where cats have behaved in a hostile manner to a cat that has been away. i had to separate my cats for 5 months while we had housing issues, and they acted no differently when they were reunited.

personally i would leave them to it. the fact she hissed at the towel is not a definate indication that she would hiss at him.
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Within a week they should be fine. Maybe try putting a little cornstarch baby powder in both of their coats to help mask the hospital smell
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It took Enzo a few days and Leya almost two weeks to like Stuart again after he came back from the vet. Leya is blind, which would explain why it took her longer. Your cats will be just fine after the smell fades!
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