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Do inside only kittied NEED shots?

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I remember reading awhile back about certain shots causing cancer. I'm really scared to get my boys shots up dated now has there been any new findings?
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I think that's a decision you need to make yourself after doing some research. I don't have any links for you, but others here should.
There are vaccines available without the preseratives in them, but not many vets use them. Supposedly the preservatives cause some of the problems.
I also believe part of the problem with them is the frequency that they are given. Some states are now lengthening the time between shots, realizing that the immunity lasts longer than a year and harm may come by repeating them too often. JMHO!!
Do lots of reading on it.
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It is ultimately up to you, and some what the state laws, if they say ALL pets have to be vac against rabies, indoors or not.

I personally vacinate all my animals indoors or outdoors.
About the cancer, this is true, some shots can cause this, but it doesn't happen 100% of the time, it actually happens less then it does appear.
Now adays people are trying to give their cats shots in their legs, as low as possible, so if it does develope into cancer it is easier to remove and they have a higher success rate. And if it DOES worsen, there is the option to remove the leg, vrs if you get the shots between the sholder blades, it's harder to remove those, and you can't really amputate the sholder area!

This is how I think of it...
What if some day, one of my animals bit... and they were not vacinated, they could be put to sleep because I had no proof that they were not rabid.
Also, what if by chance a wild animal gets into your house some how ( or your animal escapse outside.) And it encounters an animal that DOES have desease's, your pet is then unprotected, and can die, and also spread it to the other animals, or to you.

I don't have any bookmarked links on more indepth info, though I can get some if you like. However I'm sure someone else here has info for you and they'll get around to posting it.
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the last time they had shots the vet did them in there back. I almost flipped. So i have been scared to that them back. I think i want to get them there check ups and shots soon because i'm really thinking about bring lilly (one of the kittens) in.
Neo is just my everything, and i'm so scared of doing anything that could hurt him. I love my moemoe too, but me and neo just have some kinda speical bond.
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Are you going to bring them back to the same vet?
Or will your vet listen to your choice of vaccinations (if you research and decide which ones you like.) And put the injection where you ask for it?

I've had vets that would argue with me about riduculous things, after that, I found a new vet.

Is it that your vet just believes that's the best place to put them, or has he not heard of the dangers of it all?
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my normal vet is really great. He wasn't in the day I had the shots done. I'm going to make sure I get him when i take them back. He is such a good doc, he lets the dogs lick him and that cats play with the flash light :LOL:
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My vet is participating in a study to determine the true rate of vaccine-induced sarcomas. Each shot is given in a different but specific place (i.e. rabies in left rear leg, distemper in right rear leg, etc.). Maybe you could see if your vet is aware of this?
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I was told by our Vet that the sarcoma is more prevalent with 2 or 3 yr rabies vaccines, but is much less common with the 1 yr variety, It has to do with whether the vaccine is a killed or modified (attenuated) type. I get the 1 yr vaccine for my cats at the township's rabies clinic every spring, it is only $10 a pet at that time.
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I found these links interesting regarding yearly vaccinations. I too have been wondering if mine need to be vaccinated as often as they are. Anyway, these links are a good read.

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