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Daily Thread HUMP day March 5th!

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Good morning my friends~

Well, we got a HUGE dumping of snow and freezing rain last night. Its still coming down, and here's hoping the drive into work will be okay

Off to work today..I have a few appointments, so thats always a productive day. Heading to the gym after work...and thats about it

Have a great day folks!
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It's chilly here today and i can't get warmed up Only 4 hours to go though and i'm off home

My favourite store has a 50% reduction on their household things so i'm popping in tonight for another duvet cover that i've seen. I really don't need another, but this ones trimmed with gold satin
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Good morning -

I just had a marathon sleep of 13 hours. Unfortunately the pain is getting worse in my back and chest and I'm afraid to have a shower in case I make the rash worse!!

Apart from that I might watch the Terminator today as I haven't seen it in years.
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Morning Still half asleep. Think the cold that has been going around that I've been dodging for weeks has finally gotten a hold of me.
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Morning cats!

It's soo cold here right now. It's -23*C (-9.4*F). When is winter going to end?

Not much going on here today. Just school and then homework and maybe going to the gym if I have time.
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lucky you tiger its -36 here with the windchill...
-26 without...
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Originally Posted by mistressotdark View Post
lucky you tiger its -36 here with the windchill...
-26 without...
We're at -34 with the windchill. But at least it's not -50 like it was in January. Maybe Canada will start to warm up soon.
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No windchill today!!!! Just a balmy 17F (-8C). But a brief snow to occur later this afternoon.

Hope something better is on TV today as since 3 pm yesterday all the network stations on news coverage on Brett Farves "retirement". There were special editions of the Green Bay newspaper and one hour TV specials on his career!! Good thing American Idol wasn't pre-empted!!

Have to run to buy cat food today and the bin ran out this morning-grrrr and I drove my Petsmart yesterday too!! I hate running into town for just one errand-I'll I have find another one.

Bought another 5 skeins of yarn yesterday too-I MUST STOP!!!!!!

Took a walk yesterday afternoon when it was only about 20F but the wind was a bit brisk-my face was a bit cold by time I got back in the house.

Happy hump day!!
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More snow, more coming. Nuff said!
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Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
More snow, more coming. Nuff said!
Same here.

Did some shopping last night, went to Petsmart & got Harley & Bayley a new scratching post, that they both adore. Some new toys & Harley's favorite catnip, in memorial to Davidson's 1 year anniversary today

Work today & thats about it. Nothing else going on besides the snow... and its almost the weekend
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Morning All!!

Snowy windy and very cold here today. I am off work today so don't have to go out if I don't want to.

Not much planned just puttering around the house and a nap this afternoon. I have a head cold so am not feeling the best.

Going to throw the fixings for some chili in the crock pot for dinner.

The kitties are good, chasing each other around the house right now.

Everyone have a good day
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Its nice and cold here today and Im getting ready to head for work...2-10 tonight...then I go to straight third shift...I cant wait to go to third!!! Anyways I will see you guys later tonight!!!
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hello! well, i did my food shopping hehe! i'll have something nice for dinner later, then i'll be ready to watch Hollyoak's, & then Torchwood. perfect!
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