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Sick kitty... many things going on

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Hello everybody,

I will go to the vet later today but i wanted to share this with you and get opinions -

Ii take care of strays...one week ago approx i found a wild sick kitty, cat flu, he already lost one eye and the other was full with " yicks " I found her with both her eyes closed so i took her to the vet and got 2 shots, one antibiotics and other bisolvon. She's been in antibiotics since then, she is better but still have heavy breathing.. I know it takes a long time for cat flu to go away... anyway..

Today I went into her "hospital room" and I noticed that she peed blood ( a little went out of the box into the newspapers...)

I do not know how long she's been having that, she is about 5 months old with the body of a 2 months old (being a winter stray and shy to humans did not get much care ...) she weights less than one kilo.

I do not want to spend a lot of money in tests etc as I work only in the summer months and i already have one cat at home with prescription diet which has increased my expenses a lot.

I think it might be an infection, i really do not think is something related to blockage as is an extremely young kitty.

Any opinions? Do you think she can get 2 different antibiotics at the same time? she still needs to get better from her flue.

Thanks for your time.

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Females aren't really prone to blockages, that's really more of a male problem. But it could be a bladder or urinary tract infection. The worrisome part would be if it's a kidney problem. I don't know how they'd tell that without a blood test, which is usually expensive.

I'd discuss with the vet exactly what you told us, and help work through the decisions with his or her advice.

And I don't know if they'd need to give two different antibiotics - they may just be able to change it to a stronger broad spectrum thing like Doxycycline.

that your feral/stray kitty will heal up quickly without much further expense!

to you for what you're doing for this - and those - kitties!

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Hi Laurie,
Thanks for your answer, well, I explained the vet her symptoms and he changed her antibiotics to Baytril for 5 days and we'll take it from there.
I hate when this happens... it was supposed to be a flu... i always take sick kitties home when i see them sick and treat them till they are better...and i am really worried for this one because she did not wanted to eat the first 3 days and i had to hadfeed her.

Well... I will post her progress.

Thanks again for asking your vet. !

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Hope the Baytril works. Sending lots of vibes her way!

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It's great of you to try and help them, sounds like the cat had a hard life. Miracles do happen and it seems your trying your best so hopefully the cat will pull through!
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Hello ! Well.. she finished her round of Baytril yesterday and she is not having blood in her urine any more.
So I am going to release her tomorrow.. i hope to have a sunny day... today it was raining and i just couldn't do it....

Till the next sick kitty... but i think i will concentrate in doing some sterilizations now ... ..

Thanks for reading.

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Fabulous news!

I'm glad you didn't release her in the rain. We could never do it either.

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