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Pics Of Bucky ! My New Adopted Stray!

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Hi there!

Thanks for all the advice, I thought I would post a few pics of Bucky....the stray cat I adopted just so you can see the great guy I got!

This is Bucky, he needs to be groomed desperately, but he has that cute HOBO look! :-)

Bucky posing with my daughter...she gets a real kick out of being able to play with Bucky, and he'll just lay there and lap up all the little pets she gives him...she shreks with laughter that the cat will nudge her for petting...:-)
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I just love the picture of Bucky and the baby! What a cute little kitty! (We need a picture with the baby turned over so we can see what she looks like too!)
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what a pretty kitty!!!
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How sweet! I wonder why it is that cats are so good with babies. I have 2 friends that have cats that will bite or scratch an adult that bothers them, but will be gentle as can be with their toddlers. Fortunately both moms are teaching them to respect kitties and be nice.
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Ohh that's so sweet! It's great to find cats that like little kids!
His furs not that bad, I've seen worse, adn this is a good thing! Unless of course his other side is matt central, haha
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What a sweetheart! His experiences have just given him character. The picture of him and the baby is a picture of gentle caring. I love it. Thank you for letting us know. We want to see and hear more about this special cat.
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Awww, he looks like a yummy dreamsicle... and the fact that he gets along with the baby is a super bonus!
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Awwww....children and pets together in the same shot are my favourite pics!

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I've never actually had a long haired cat that needed to be groomed.
he has some sort of dark stuff in his tale on his back I've tried to comb it but it looks like it needs a professional job or something like that. His underbelly is suprisingly free of mats but he takes quite good care of himself.

Apart from a nick out of his right ear and some facial scratches, he's going to "shine up" really nicely. :-)

My question is how can I maintain him myself ? I've never had a long haired cat before and as Dobes are short hair, we don't actually do any grooming apart from their weekly baths.
He seems to do a pretty good job himself, but he does have a lil problem...sometimes he urinates on himself or his hair atleast, I think because he smells very badly of cat urine at times....needless to say I have on those occassions given him a baby wipe bath, and spruced him up so he could come inside, but do you bath long hair cats ?? The first time I let him inside I bathed him in the sink and he didn't seem to mind it too badly but it's been a long time since I've done that and don't know if he would let me do it again....

Here is a pic of my oldest Dobe Julius with Bucky, Julius was just a little squirt here in this pic and when they would play Bucky always had the upper hand and kept Juli in line, now Julius can do nothing but respect Bucky....try to play with him every now and again, but Julius is protective of his cat...and I don't think any other cats would try to mess with Bucky and his 90+ pound Doberman best friend....not even the mean old man across the street!

Bucky giving Julius a hug

Best Pals Bucky and Julius
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Grooming a long haired cat really isn't that hard, as long as you keep up with it, and depending on the cats over all attitude toward it all. I would personally go no less then to give a good grooming every week on a long hair, but if your cat is an outdoors one, more often is probably necissary.

That black stuff you are talking about, does it appear on the skin, or on the fur?

I'm not a groomer, but I have groomed and bathed a large variety of animals. My tip is to just be gentle (well obviously), but in comparison to a short haired cat, long hairs can be tougher to comb because of a tangle factor.
If you see any mats, even small ones, comb from the ends and then inwards torwards the root, to try and get them out.
Your lucky that the cats hair isn't VERY long.
You can use a coat conditioner, as a sort of detangler as well, and that will make the combing process easier.
I would personally start with a wider toothed comb, until her coat was smoothed out more, and my fav comb I use the most is a fine toothed metal flea comb.
Yes you can bath long haired cats, but don't comb their fur while it's soaking wet. And try to comb out as much loose fur previous to the bath as you can. And as always make sure you have rinsed out all of the soap. A lot of people like to use these type of brush's to add the extra "poof" to long hairs.

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You will get some good advice in the Care and Grooming Forum. I'm sorry; I meant to tell you that before!
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The other thing to remember is that when you do bathe Bucky, be sure to use a shampoo that is made specially for cats. Their skin is much more sensitive than dogs so dog or human shampoo can really irritate their skin.

Those pictures of Bucky and his dog are just precious. The pup is adorable too! I don't know if you've ventured out of the Feral Forum, but we have a contest forum called Caption This! where people send in their cute and funny pics of their cats and we come up with captions. Then these are turned into postcards that you can send to all your friends. You can see the finished one by clicking on the Postcards button on the top banner and they are the Just For Laughs pages. If you want to submit these pics, and Bucky with your baby too, email them to anne@thecatsite.com
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Send them in please! Your pictures of Bucky are too precious, especially the one of him hugging the dog! I would love to see the captions that everyone comes up with!
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Bucky is sooo cute! I the pictures!
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