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Picture"s of baby"s

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white Cloud had her kitten's
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oh, how precious!
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awwwww how tiny!!
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Thanks for making my day - there is nothing better then kittens and these are just sooooooooooooooooooooooo precious!
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awww they are sooo cute!
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They're soooo adorable!!!!
Now you've given me a major craving for a cute Siamese kitten to cuddle with and I live halfway across the country!!
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Thats not toooooooooo............far to drive!
post #8 of 19 I have Snowball sleeping in my lap and looking especially cute!!!
That's really nice too!!! And he is part I'm satisfied!!!!

Whoops!! I just talked myself out of getting a kitten!!!
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Awwww little mew mews!! I miss kittens :/
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Sherral, they are just beautiful!! White Cloud must be a very proud mama (and you're obviously a very proud grandma!)
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Ooooooooo , they are ADORABLE !!!! Are you going to keep them all ?
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They are adorable!
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Awwww, how teeny!! They're adorable.
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They are so cute. Congatulations!
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I love baby pics (human and animal!)

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They are sooo cute! I remember when Lilith's kittens were that small...seems like yesterday. It was so cute to watch them "bodysurfing" over one another. Keep those pictures coming!
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Thank you everyone No,I have 5 Siamese of my own,I breed her to give my sister,& three brother;s one.Siamese are very hard to find around here.They have promised to get them fixed & to NOT declaw them.I will post more pictures as they get older,and I think cuter!
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What cute little furbabies
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They are so adorable. They remind me of Gus & Homer when they were born. How lucky you are. Makes me want another kitty.
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