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Deeply concern about my cat, please help!

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I have a 3 year old bengal girl and he least favorite thing in the world is taking a bath. After a dust bath outside on Sunday I decided to give her a bath (it was warm that day). After the bath however she has been exhibiting some lower back problem and I don't know what's going on. Here is what I've observed

1. She used to love being patted on the back, especially the the part near her tail but now when she touch it, even gently, she'll meow very uncomfortably and
he button will drop to the ground

2. She used to love lay on her sides on the carpet. She still tries to do it now but displays discomfort when doing that.

3. When walking all of the sudden she'll stop/freeze, her back muscles will twitch/move toward the middle, meows uncomfortably, and she'll arch her back downward

4. She can't jump high like she uses to but can jump onto my bed

5. She's eating fine and walking fine.

6. Her litter box looks normal and her eyes are still bright, still very curious about things.

So what I saw the most was the lower back discomfort, arching her back (while stop walking).

Can someone tell me what could possibly wrong with my kitty? Could it be the bath that I gave her? All I did was holding her under her front paws preventing her to jump out of the tub. Does it seem like that she has a injured spine?

Please help!


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First, why are you so determined to bath her? Unless she is getting into something that needs to be cleaned off, she should be able to handle bathing herself.

As for the other, a vet needs to examine her. It does sound like she may have an injury. Only a vet can tell for sure.

Good luck, I hope she is OK.
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I use kitty wipes and avoid bathing her as much as possible. But she got into a huge pile of dirt on Sunday and wipes just won't do it and I didn't want her to lick too much dirt into her body. THanks for the reply
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The injury could be completely unrelated to the bathing. In any case, she should be seen by a vet, as soon as possible.

I agree: Cats should not be bathed. Most healthy cats can clean themselves better than we can, even when very dirty. And even on those rare occasions where they're taking some time getting clean, a cat wipe is the most that's needed.
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I agree that it doesn't sound like the bath is what the problem is.
I'm sure it's unrelated, it sounds like an injury of some sort.

take her to the vet, ask for x-rays.
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Did she struggle and twist during the bath? If she did then maybe the bath was the cause, either way I'd get her checked by the vet.

My cats do much better when I use the shower hose attachment and put no water in the bath tub or sink. They been bathed since they were young so are quite used to it, people use several different methods on this site find what works for you There's nothing wrong with bathing cats!
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How about two wild shots in the dark?

Is she spayed? She could be in heat, if she's not.

The behavior sounds similar to Wickett's when he had bladder stones.
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I don't think the bath had anything to do with it, unless she was really struggling and twisted too much. It doesn't sound that way. Perhaps she was running or jumping off something and twisted the wrong way.

If things don't improve in a few days, then maybe take her to the vet for a check and possible x-ray on her spine/tail.

While some people don't think cats need baths - there is nothing wrong with giving them when needed. I show cats and they get baths all the time - they like it.
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I have to agree - unless she was twisting and contorting herself during the bath, I doubt if it is related to her problem. Sounds like she may have jumped or landed badly and hurt herself. A trip to the vet and maybe even an x-ray sounds like a good plan to me.

Also, re baths, Bijou and Mika both get baths about every 3-4 months (Bijou sometimes more often if he gets particulary dirty outside) and they don't mind it much. They don't "love" it, but they don't get all stressed out. I love the smell when he sleeps with me the night of the bath.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Is she spayed? She could be in heat, if she's not.
I was kind of thinking that as well.

If that's not a possibility she should be seen by a vet.
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For future "dust baths" try brushing her outside. That should rid her coat of the vast majority of dirt.

My female cat has been rolling in ashes lately. What a mess. However, a quick brush and she's all better!
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My cousin bathed his cat and it had a heart attack and died. I wouldnt do this unless it is absolutely necessary. My cat got oil on his paws once and I put him in one inch of water in the sink to try and get it off, even this stressed him out. If he was struggling, he might have twisted his back. If he is that dirty, a damp warm old flannel rubbed over like a massage works, then a rub down with a dry towel.
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Thank you guys for all your replies,
I have consulted with the vet. They told me to keep an eye on her for one more day before making a trip. Thus far I have seen improvements. She's more energetic, runs much faster and doesn't mind being pat as much (although she still flinched a little bit when I pat her lower back but she didn't complain or cry). She still can't make to the window with one jump but at least she's more of herself.

Thank you all for giving me suggestions and tips about bathing. I really need to rethink about the method when I absolutely HAVE to bath her. She gets a bath every 3/4 months. Other times I use a Ferminator, kitty wipes and damped towels.

Yes she is spayed although I really wish she can produce cute little bengal kittens.

Thank again everyone!
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I must have a weird one, our kitten 6 months is always trying to get into the shower or bath tub, he doesn't mind the water one bit.
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