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odd adds on cl

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Ok, today i got a message from a friend to look at a add on cl. Before i had a chance it was removed, but according to Chris the add was asking for people to donate dogs "for food". what in the world, surely they dont intend on eating dogs???

then i came across this add, it kinda creaps me out http://tulsa.craigslist.org/zip/595371391.html
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I sure hope that the first one wasn't serious.. and someone playing around. Alot of people post strange stuff on craigslist

I don't really know what to think of the second one.

Oh-- look at this one I just found How touching

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That is totally off the wall.......she may be worried about YOU being a psycho, but I think SHE might be the psycho!
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When you post "Free" anywhere, you definitely bring out the weirdos.

I remember before we moved we had a bunch of stuff by the curb. After 2 years of living in that place that was the first time our neighbors spoke to us (as they picked through our trash)

Heck - I'm a part of Freecycle in my area and the emails I get can be off the wall. One guy was asking if anyone had a 32" or larger flat screen - for free.
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