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My Cats Have "The Runs"

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You know, where they run at breakneck speed all over the house, up the stairs, across the wall, over the television and then knock over the lamp ... the runs!

All four of them are currently zooming through my house at lightning speed.

Yup, the lamp just went over ... again. *LOL*
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Oh, I know it well. The same thing is happening at my house right now... except it's about seven of them running around, lol.
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Came in here thinking, oh no, poor kitties!
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There's a race track near where I live that had the slogan "Every 19 minutes the place goes crazy." (this was in the mid-90s) My mom and I used to say that every time our three RB cats were running around chasing each other. It applies to my place, too -- there are only two boys, but the smaller of the two weighs 13 pounds!
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Established track or custom?

Mine prefer the custom track.
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals View Post
Established track or custom?

Mine prefer the custom track.
I think mine prefer the custom track too -- I never know where they're going to end up.

Actually, for Oliver and Rocky, it's more like a triathlon: running, scratching their run-about (that round thing with the cardboard pad in the middle, can't remember what it's called) and wrestling.
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Well, they've finally settled down and I think I am at the bottom of this phenomenon ... it seems this is pre-litterbox behavior. *LOL* George ran around here with both Lexus and Pearl hot on his six for about 20 minutes, then went into the box, scratched to China, did his "biznezz" then took off for parts unknown. Lexus is disgusted that he didn't cover so she went in and covered for him. Pearl is just sitting here saying WOW! over and over again. My cats ... they are cracked straight down the middle.
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Jack is a lunatic when he runs around. He doesn't care who or what he jumps on in the process, and usually it's me or the girls. He'll run over us, then up the stairs where Rosie and Sophie just look up as if to say "He's lost it!!" But the funniest part is when he gets down on his tummy on the laminate floor, then does a quick shuffle to the left, then the right before taking off again. I'm sure he likes the sound his claws make on it
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Lucy was running up and down the stairs like a lunatic half an hour ago maybe because she found her catnip plant i had to hide to let it grow some hehe , topsy is asleep on my bed , jess is in my kitchen stuffing his face , harry has just gone outside the backdoor and is rubbing himself against the dogs and itsy and bitsy are on top of the catrun sunbathing even though there is no sun
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Yes my cats like to get the runs between midnight & 2am. Maggie gets the 10 AM runs like clock work every Saturday & Sunday.
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My guys have the Indy 500 track upstairs:-) DH and I will be downstairs with the tv on, and I swear they are shaking the whole house with their antics up there! I can't believe such graceful small delicate creatures can pound the floor like elephants some days!
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Well, Cosmo always gets the "morning runs" - usually after he has unloaded himself in the litter box! And usually when I am trying to get ready for work. He reminds of a toddler who realizes that they can run - and runs just because they can! I actually have to watch Momo, because he pays no attention to where he is going. In fact, on my right knee, I have a perfect left claw imprint from Cosmo. He was runnning lickety split out of my bedroom as I was walking in. We both stopped and he put his feet up to keep from slamming into me - (hint to meowmy, maybe it is time to get Soft Paws)
Everyone at work thought that my battle wound was really funny -
And quite often Mollie joins him in his 20 minute race through the house!
I love my kids...
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Butzie runs at random. She prefers to jump up on my dresser when she is finished and knocks over my pictures. Apparently, she is upset because I don't have a picture of her up there.
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In our house, the "runs" are usually very early in the morning, like 5:30 a.m., and again around 8 - 10 p.m.. Jamie likes to run up the stairs from the basement to the attic, do a round through the upstairs on his way back down, being careful to run across all beds, and run straight up his cat tree, jump down, and then give himself a bath in the middle of the living room.
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Mine seem to really prefer the custom track too which generally involves going up and over and through the middle of anything important I am doing
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Yes I know exactly what you mean!! My cats do that at least once a day. I guess they get so much energy that they don't know what to do with it!
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We refer to it as "crack heading". Twitch always runs full speed into something & cracks her head open!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
We refer to it as "crack heading". Twitch always runs full speed into something & cracks her head open!

We call it the "Kitty500" and it usually takes place around 3 am
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I've had Harry and Misty for less than two weeks now. They've lately been getting comfortable enough in their new digs to start chasing each other around and running up and down the stairs (especially Harry). They like to do it in the evening, and especially when I'm trying to get ready for bed. I tell them "time for bed, guys, time to settle down now". I'm not sure if they listen...
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