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my cats love THIS as much as DA BIRD

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Definitely an interactive toy not to be left alone with the kitties EVER. Also gets anhilated much faster then Da Bird, but they love them!

I bought six and they have ruined 3 beyond recognition......but they go nuts for them, will chase them full speed across the apartment, throw them in the air, jump for them, you name it, and like da bird never seems to get old!

But like I said, probably more dangerous as they involve fishing wire that you wouldn't want kitty ingesting....... I got the idea off somebody on this website actually and I reccomend giving it a try for your lazy or easily bored kitties!
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Thanks for posting link.. I have to get my cats a few of those to play with!!
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Where is the fishing line? What exactly are these things? How do they move?
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you tie the fishing line to their nose and pull them around and they kind of look like a live worm thing. I don't know what it is but the cats go nutso. I bought a couple that i don't tie the string to and let them toss them around and stuff, but again only under supervision, but after 10-15 minutes with them they are both panting and tired so it's OK
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I got one of these from my bf for Christmas last year after I saw a guy demonstrating one in the mall and thought it was SO cute! Well, since you have to work the thing so much to get it to look real I haven't done anything with it since I got it, so my cat can have at it. I'm going to test it out tonight to see if I get any action. I have a thread going right now about how to get a fat cat to exercise since even with toys like Da Bird she just lays there and bats at it.
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OMG - I remember those things from way back in grade school!

With my cats, though, I'd be too concerned that they would try to eat it, and the fishing wire is absolutely dangerous - but maybe if you tie one to a catfisher, it might go over well - as long as you hide it when not in use.
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Both of mine the Squirmles! IMO it was kind of a hassle to tie the fishing line to their noses, so I tied the worm to a broken Da Bird wand and it worked great.

They do get teared up pretty quickly though so the trick is not to let kitty catch it all the time...I have to do that with Da Bird anyway.
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my kitties would go nuts for this...
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