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Friday DT

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I'm on VACATION!!!!

Okay, not right away less than 6 hours....I'M ON VACATION!!!!!

One whole week at home with the boys. Should be fun and relaxing. *ahem* ok.....maybe not relaxing but: FUN!

I have never had a whole week with them. First year that I get 3 weeks off. Normally I break down my vacation time so I can go on school trips and outings etc.... This time, I get to stay home, do housework, run errands, catch up on launry, take the boys somewhere.....yikes! Did I say vacation? hehehe....maybe going back to work will feel like a vacation after that! Oh'll be well worth it. The boys are looking forward to it and I'm just looking forward to not having to get up at 5:45am!

Have a great day everyone! The sun is shining. It's going to be a nice one here!
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hello all!
woke up early, had a bad dream so decided to stay up. dreamed that some crazy person stabbed me and my furbabies and i tried to call a vet but the phone wouldnt work.

tonight we are going to see a friend of jakes for dinner, hes making us pizza and really looking forward to seeing us. he cannot actually see us, hes deaf and blind but hes a very independent guy, his wife is jakes interpreter at college.

are you working today Ghys?

hope everyone has a great day!
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Ghys - That's great! Enjoy your down time.

I can't wait for my vacation, but it doesn't come until the end of May. we are going to The Outer Banks, Nagshead to be specific, in North Carolina. My friends and I are renting a condo. I try to think about it when it is freezing outside.

Speaking of weather, the snow has stopped, but I woke up this morning to the tempature being a mere 2 degrees. I walked outside and there was frost on the inside of the car windows as well as the outside, and the moisture in my nose froze upon breathing. Yep, keeping that vacation in mind a whole lot lately.

Everyone enjoy your day!
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Jamie....hey, May is just around the corner! Hope you have a great vacation. Sounds like it'll be fun!

Kellye, I'm off to work now. I'll be there till noon. Then I have 2 appointments (I asked for a few hours of this afternoon) and I may just stop back at the office to wrap things up.

Yikes! What is it with your dreams???? Think happy thoughts only when your head hits the pillow. Have fun tonight!!!!
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I should hear about the job, today. With any luck, I'll start on Monday.

Been awake, since 3:30. Rowdy was rattling the closet door. I 86'd her and shut the bedroom door. This worked, for about 5 minutes, until Opie decided that he wanted out. Got up and let him out. They both started banging on the bedroom door - I gave up.

I looked in the closet, to see what Rowdy was after. One of her toys was in there - she must have knocked it under the door. Now, I'm trying to figure out HOW she made the door rattle. It fits tightly and I can't make it rattle.

Took my coffee and cigarette, out to the patio and wound up refereeing a dogfight. Ike didn't want to let Pearl eat. They each have a bowl but Ike was blocking both of them. We're going to feed Pearl in the house, from now on.

They're all acting like its a full moon. Maybe, I need a vacation, from this bunch!

Have a good one.
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TOday's my day off. Not much planned. I hoped to get some houswork done, but hubby wants me to stay in bed today and I've slept all night to avoid that. If I'm working evenings now and not nights, I should be able to sleep the nights and get some housework done during the day, but hubby is very upset about that. He says we don't see each other enough anymore and that I should sleep during the day with him, but my point is we don't see each other while we're sleeping anyway so it shouldn't matter, but of course it does to him. Sorry to grip, it's just such a stupid fight.

Hope you all have a wonderful productive or relaxing day.
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thats a tough one tamme, hubby used to work night shifts before he got laid off, and we had to deal with it, and so we made dates to see each other.
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I figured out how the little witch got that closet door to rattle. If you grab it, at the bottom and shake it, it rattles. Now, she has the nerve, to be back in bed, sound asleep. I think I'm going to go and rattle HER!
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send her to the home for wayward cats!
kahu is crazy this morning as well
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Tamme, why don't you lay down with him when he first goes to bed, and you can set an alarm to wake you after an hour. I also find great comfort in going to sleep next to someone I love.

I'm still sick, the XH is still an a$$ (at least he's been spending some time with Mio), but at least I have something to do today. I'm going to the flower and garden show at the civic center, with my grandma.
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G- enjoy your time off! you deserve it.

kellye - now that's a true cat lover. you and your cats get stabbed and you call the vet first. hope you don't have any more bad ones!

cindy - keeping my fingers crossed for you!

not much going on today. i'll finish my video and do normal friday stuff. that should include a little spamming.

we're going to the garden show tomorrow. should be fun. other than that, who knows?
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I am going to have a lazy day,been up since 3 am,with White Cloud,she had her kitten's 4 of them.[see post: baby pictures]It is going to be nice out today& tommorrow! Ya! Have a good day.
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It's friday. WhooHoo! Means I get to clean house before everyone comes over for gaming. Mike's out fishing with my dad, he's gone every day this week! Yesterday he brought home a 10 lb steelhead for me to fillet (which I mangled.) At least it gets him out of my hair for a while each day!
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Today was a very busy gardening-day here ! At 8 am , a huge lorry delivered about 20m³ of tree-bark ! My hubby & son Jo (almost 18) spent the whole day bringing it to different places in the garden . By doing this , we don't get any weeds anywhere!

As it was friday , I did a lot of washing and cleaning . has to be done too , he!!
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Originally posted by Sydney the kid
Today was a very busy gardening-day here ! At 8 am , a huge lorry delivered about 20m³ of tree-bark ! My hubby & son Jo (almost 18) spent the whole day bringing it to different places in the garden . By doing this , we don't get any weeds anywhere!

I love the look of gardens that use tree bark for the base. And like you said Lut, it keeps the weeds away. I'll have to plan that when I start gardening (I'm so bad at it!)

I've been sleeping most of the day away. Last night it felt like I was getting another cold (Oh no, not another!) Plus, today I have a migraine!! Ick! I'm so affected when the weather changes and a new pressure system arrives.

We'll it's going to be more renovations this weekend. We want to finish insulating the basement by the beginning of spring. Then onto all the outdoor projects.

Myste, Rob would die to go fishing right now. He just doesn't have the time between work and home renovation!

Have fun Ghys! I'm sure you'll enjoy your time with the boys!

Auburn, I would love to go to a garden show right now. Anything to get me away from this snow and think about warmer weather!

Cindy, heard anything about the job??

Have a fab weekend everyone!

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You're in Toronto aren't you? The biggest gardening show in the area is on next week: Canada Blooms, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I'm going on Thursday.

And I have taken a day off today, to do nothing but read, sleep, catch up on my computer posting, and play with the cats.
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Originally posted by Sammie5
You're in Toronto aren't you? The biggest gardening show in the area is on next week: Canada Blooms, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I'm going on Thursday.
Is it?? I'll have to check it out! Thanks!

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This weekend, there is a Pet Expo in Fort Washington, PA (near Philly), I am going to check it out.

My only concern, if you can call it that, is that I may end up as a mom of 11 cats by the end of the weekend, as there will be shelter and rescue groups there.

Hoping to pick up some cool toys for the kitties, will report back on Monday!
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Well, it's been a long time since I've really posted on the DT. I no longer relieve the receptionist, but she had to leave early and there is no one else here who knows how. So, that's why I'm here. I really miss getting to be on here. I feel like I hardly know any of you anymore because there are so many new faces :tounge2:

Let's see, it's sunny here today. For the past couple of weeks it has been chilly, overcast, and rainy. Most of us forgot what the sun looks like. Tomorrow, the high is supposed to be in the low 70's with sunshine. I just don't what I'm going to do with myself; maybe I'll wash my car (it REALLY needs it).

Nothing interesting, exciting, dramatic or traumatic going on in my life; just life in general and I'm thankful for that. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend

p.s. I do get on to at least see what is going on, even though I don't get time to reply. I have seen that several of you are dealing with serious health problems in your families and I have been thinking of you all and sending healthy, healing energy your way.
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